What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

What We’re Eating This Week

Same as always!  We’ve been on a sweet potato fry kick lately & Costco sells huge bags of them.  Last weekend, I made a batch of these almond butter & jelly muffins which I plan on making again today!  

What I’m Reminiscing About

We just celebrated our one year anniversary on June 11th!  It honestly doesn’t feel like it’s been a year already.  We had our ceremony at Curtis’ parents place and our reception was held in Omaha.  We had a pretty small, casual wedding without a bridal party.  We just wanted everyone to have fun & celebrate with everyone!  

What I’m Loving

Miss MacKenzie, our new foster pup!  We got her last week & she has been a lot of fun to have around.  You guys, I’m not sure if I can let this go.  She is the sweetest dog, is trained, and isn’t afraid of people unlike our last foster.  

What We’ve Been Up To

We were in St. Louis until June 6th which was a lot of fun.  We did as much as possible & ate ALL the food.  I feel like I’m still trying to get back to normal after eating all types of junk food.  BUT.. it was so nice to get away from Nebraska for awhile and explore a new-to-me city!   You can check out my recap posts here, here, & here

Obviously the concert was the best part of the trip!  I went back to work on June 12th after being off for a week & a half so that first week was a struggle.  

This past Sunday, we road tripped to Webster City, IA for a family reunion for Curtis’ family.  

What I’m Dreading

The day that we have to run across the bridge over to Iowa for boot camp.  They usually do this once or twice each summer and we have yet to do it.  I was convinced we would run yesterday since the weather was cooler than normal but we didn’t.  I don’t run… ever, haha.  

What I’m Working On

I found a legit work from home position that I’m still in the process of getting figured out.  I had to do this pre-qualification test which I was just notified that I passed & I’ve been accepted for my first “project”.  It’s only a few hours a week which is what I am wanting right now.  I don’t think I could handle doing anything more on top of my full time job.   

What I’m Excited About

My friend Alice launched her blog on June 1st & she is killing it!  Check it out!  A Silver Lined Life

We stayed in Kansas City on our way back from St. Louis and got to visit Sophie, our foster pup that was adopted last month.  She is doing so well & is so happy in her new home!  I’m excited to see how she progresses!

What I’m Watching/Reading

Currently, I’m not watching anything.  Curtis is trying to get me into Big Brother this year so we will see.  As for reading, I just started The Roanoke Girls on Sunday.  So far, I really like it!

What I’m Listening To

Still on a Metallica kick after the concert earlier this month!

What I’m Wearing

This dress with a denim jacket & Target sandals.  I’m so glad I ordered this dress when I did as they are now all mostly sold out!  I keep checking back to see if they re-stock any other colors but they haven’t.  🙁  

What We’re Doing This Weekend

As of right now, we don’t have anything planned.  I might be getting together for lunch with one of my friends who lives about an hour away.  She is due to have her baby VERY soon and we haven’t seen each other in months!  

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

July is looking to be a pretty relaxing month as we don’t have anything going on… at least for now.  

What Else Is New

I changed my work schedule so now I get off at 4:30 instead of 5:00 which was been wonderful!  I know, a whopping 30 minutes isn’t much but it sure feels like it.  I’ve been doing 8:00-5:00 for so long now that I needed a change.  

Bonus: What Is Your Favorite 4th of July Tradition?

As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t celebrated the 4th of July as much as I used to.  It’s kind of just an extra day off!  

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Friday- Meet Our New Foster Pup!


And happy summer, right?  My absolute favorite time of the year — warm weather & sunshine… yes!   Although these 90+ degree boot camp days are kicking my butt!  I will gladly take a break from the heat on a Tuesday or Thursday evening one of these days.  🙂  

Tuesday evening, we picked up our new foster pup – MacKenzie!  She was an owner surrender to the rescue & has been staying at a local dog daycare.  I guess she doesn’t do too well with small children or smaller dogs so we decided to take her in as we have been dog-less for a month!   Her biography says she is a hound mix but I have no clue what she is!  She kind of has a beagle face but the rest of her body?  A lab maybe?  Or pit bull?  Her favorite spot is right here on the floor next to the a/c!  

She is HUGE.  I’ve never had a big dog before so this is completely new to me!  However, she is so sweet & loves attention.  If you’ve followed along with my stories of our last foster pup, MacKenzie is the complete opposite.  She doesn’t hide under the table or spend all day laying in the bathroom.  She wags her tail & gets excited to see us when we come home from work.  The first night with her, she walked into our bedroom, jumped up on the bed, and made herself at home as if she’s been here her entire life.  It’s SO different having a “normal” dog!  

This week, I started my new schedule at work — 8-4:30.  While that 30 minutes doesn’t seem like much, it’s been a nice change!  For almost four years now, I’ve worked 8-5 with an hour lunch break which I’ve never been a huge fan of.  My office isn’t in an area of town where I can run errands during that hour so I would usually be stuck doing nothing (or going on long walks).  So a 30 minute lunch is more my pace!  

I discovered Shein the other night — have any of you ever ordered anything from there?  I love the cut out sleeves on this dress & they also had a bunch of cute basic dresses for SO cheap.  It kind of makes me think it’s too good to be true!

I have a hair cut scheduled for tomorrow but I haven’t decided if I’m going to change things up.  I realized I needed to get back into the habit of going every 6-8 weeks like I used to if I want my hair to ever be decent again.  Going 4-5 months at a time is NOT good as my hair is super dry/thick/coarse which has meant chopping off more than I want at each haircut.  Not to mention damaged for going so long in between cuts.  

We have a busy weekend planned but I’m hoping to be able to catch up on some sleep tonight as we have to get up far too early on Sunday morning.  Have a great weekend everyone!  

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Thoughts On Going Dairy-Free

I’m really behind on doing a recap of my dairy free month (May)!  I have never really had any issues with dairy throughout my life but this past winter/early spring, I was feeling so BLAH.  That’s about the best way to describe it. 😉   I just felt heavy and bloated all the time which trickled into my workouts.  As in, I felt like I just couldn’t do some moves with the same intensity because of how bloated I felt plus I occasionally ended up with a stomach ache about halfway through my workout.  I read a few blog posts by people who had cut out dairy & thought maybe that was triggering my stomach issues.  I realized that I was eating something with dairy in it for almost every single meal.  I’d use lots of sugar free coffee creamer, have some greek yogurt or string cheese as a snack in the afternoons, Halo Top ice cream…you name it.  In fact, it was actually the greek yogurt that sparked this whole venture.  The days that I would eat an Oikos Triple Zero were the days that I felt the worst for some reason.

So, starting May 1st, I cut out all dairy. 

For my protein bars, I picked up some single packets of vegan protein power & switched from Carbmaster milk to unsweetened almond milk.  Oh, and also started using dairy free chocolate chips rather than my usual dark chocolate chips.   I love love love jalapeno ranch on sandwiches (something I picked up when I worked at Runza in high school/college) but I switched it out for vegan chipotle mayo.  I stopped putting cheese on everything, switched to almond milk creamer, and switched yogurt for fruit as snacks throughout the day.  I did pick up a bag of Daiya shredded cheese but it has been a struggle to get through.  It tastes like the macaroni & cheese powder but in shredded cheese form.  I’m sure I still ate some things that had dairy in them, especially if we were out to eat somewhere (like the boneless wings from Old Chicago for Mother’s Day or peanut butter chicken from Crystal Jade).  But, I stayed on track throughout the month.  It was a little tough at first as I had to get creative with my work lunches and I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in grapes, pineapple, and strawberries each week.  

By the end of the month, I was actually feeling really good.  While I think I’ll always struggle with being bloated, I didn’t feel heavy like I did before.  As for my workouts, I felt a lot better & didn’t experience any of the stomach pains that I had before.  Unfortunately, everything went out the window while we were in St. Louis.  I mean, we couldn’t spend a week there & not eat gooey butter cake or St. Louis style pizza.   

Since getting back into my routine after St. Louis, I’ve gotten back to eating some dairy but NOTHING like before.  I never realized how many things were made with milk!  For one, I love Kodiak Cakes.  I’ll occasionally make a huge batch of waffles on Sunday afternoons to eat throughout the week.   BUT… they are made with milk.  Protein powder is another big one — I only used Sun Warrior vegan protein powder for my bars but I don’t know if I could stomach it as a shake or in anything else.  Whey protein just has so many better flavors!  Not to mention that I had just gotten a tub of vanilla whey protein right before I started cutting out dairy so I really need to get through it, haha.  

It’s weird how I don’t really crave cheese or yogurt, regular coffee creamer, or anything like that.  I don’t need to put a slice of cheese on a sandwich or drink coffee with regular creamer.  I definitely don’t need to eat dairy for every single meal!  I feel good without all of that junk so I think this is something I’ll continue for awhile.  

So… tell me your story!  Have you cut out dairy & what was your experience?

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Cheers to Friday, right?!  Going back to work on Monday after a week & a half off was rough.  And I’m still playing catch up on everything that piled up while I was gone.  Let’s hope I can knock everything out today before the weekend because I’d rather not have to come back to it next week!

The weather has been beautiful this week… hello 90 degrees finally!  I could handle this kind of weather ALL year.  Well, except during outdoor boot camp.  Tuesday & Thursday were miserable.  I mean, it was a good workout of course but the heat made it 100x harder than normal!  I guess it was a good way to sweat out some of the junk we ate on vacation!  Speaking of which, vacation kind of sparked some health motivation so I started using My Fitness Pal again on Monday.  I’m only using MFP for figuring out portions better for now.  I still need to learn up on the macro counting stuff!  

Curtis & I celebrated our one year anniversary last weekend!  I can’t believe it’s been a year already!!  

On Saturday evening, we had dinner at The Blackstone Meatball and then ice cream at Coneflower.  I’m not a huge fan of some vegan ice cream (because coconut milk is an acquired taste :P) but their peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream is amazing.  On Sunday, I came home from the gym to a beautiful bouquet of peonies!  🙂  I went the more traditional route and got Curtis a book for our first year.  

Oh, and we completely forgot about our cake until Wednesday evening.  Most of it ended up in the trash!  And then Curtis spent the rest of the night Googling ‘botulism’ because the frosting was cream cheese + vacuum sealed.  No symptoms so far, haha.

There really isn’t a point to this post other than to ramble.  I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend which hopefully includes some patio time.  The College World Series starts so Omaha is going to be crazy busy the next few weeks.  We may hit up the new Zipline brewery that just opened up here this week.  (Side note:  We got engaged at the Zipline in Lincoln!)   Have a great weekend everyone!  

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