Weekend Recap- Snug Piercing, Pup Playdate, and the Eclipse!

Happy Monday!

I have today off from work as we are taking a quick road trip down south to visit Jacquelyn & Dayton and meet their new baby Weston.  They also live within the line of 100% totality for the eclipse so we’re going to spend the day with them & get to see the eclipse this afternoon.  

Even if I didn’t take the day off & went to work, they are allowing employees to go outside during the totality (Omaha will get to see 98% coverage) which I think is pretty cool.  

Anywho, let’s get on with the weekend!

After work on Friday, I went straight to Liquid Courage as it was the last day of their free piercing special.  My tragus was the last piercing I got back in 2011 and I’ve been itching for a new one so I had to get in!  They were going to go the entire month of August but cut it short so I got there as soon as they started at 5.  I knew I wanted something else on my ear and was going back & forth between an anti-helix, anti-tragus, or a snug.  I decided on a snug at the last minute!

The actual piercing itself & threading of the jewelry didn’t hurt too much.  BUT THE CLAMP… HOLY HELL.  WHY does that have to be the worst part?!  Once she had the jewelry in, I was good to go & the pain went away.  And I LOVE it.  So glad with my decision.  🙂  I think my next one will be an anti-helix.  The more I look at an anti-tragus piercing, the more I think that wearing headphones will be impossible.  It’s hard enough with the tragus ring!  

Curtis had a softball game that night so I went home after I finished at Liquid Courage and was going to grab Bud to take with me to the game.  He needs some socialization & a lot of people bring their dogs with them to games.  I fed him really quick & got everything ready to take with me.  As soon as I got him outside, he went nuts.  Even though he was on a leash, he was trying to run away from me and jumping all around.  I stopped to pet him to get him to calm down but as soon as I stopped, he started acting wild all over again & I had flashbacks of the night he slipped out of his collar.  Since I was by myself and didn’t want to have another adventure with him, I put him back inside and went to the game without him.  After their game, we grabbed a late dinner at Boondockers and then I headed home while Curtis played a second game at 9:30.

Saturday morning, I was up way too early after going to bed way too late.  Bud woke us up around 5:00am to go outside and didn’t really settle down the rest of the morning.  I decided to just get up & chug some coffee in order to wake up.  One of Curtis’ co-workers who also fosters for the same rescue brought over her beagle, Minnie, to play with Bud + see how he acts around another dog.  We think that his nighttime issues are related to being lonely as we don’t think he’s ever been by himself before.  

He was mostly curious about Minnie but they didn’t play together or anything like that.  I think if we had a dog here full time, it would help him learn how to be a “normal” dog & not so afraid of everything.

We took Minnie back home in the afternoon and ran a few errands, including Costco where we picked up a new dog bed.  The one that we’ve been using for Bud needed to go in the trash.  We got it home but he wasn’t so sure about it.  But then he got over it & now loves it.

Saturday evening, we had some friends come over to grill out and watch the Bud Crawford fight.  They left as soon as it was over & we called it a night.  Thankfully Bud slept all night & didn’t wake us up until almost 8am!  I think the new bed helped.  🙂  Curtis went to the gym while I slept until almost noon.  Ugh, I was SO tired from not getting enough sleep on Friday.  

We went to the grocery store and picked up some Real Good Pizza to try.  I’ve seen these online but hadn’t seen them in the store.  They were a little expensive (about $6.50 for this size pizza) but were actually really good.  Definitely worth the price if you’re craving pizza & don’t want to consume all the carbs.  

The rest of the day was spent doing some work, cleaning, and laundry.  It was kind of nice to have a Sunday where I’m not scrambling to do everything for the week.  Although I still did my usual meal prepping, self tanning, and bag packing just so I don’t have to waste time tonight getting it all done.  

As soon as we get back in town this afternoon, we have someone coming over to test our water & give us an estimate for a water softener system.  I’m so incredibly frustrated with how dry my hair has been and the condition of my hair has continuously gotten worse over the years.  I’ve used ALL different types of products but nothing seems to work which is why I think we need to invest in a water softener.  Cross your fingers that it isn’t too expensive.  

Have a great Monday everyone!  What are your plans for the eclipse?!

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Happy happy Friday!  

This Friday is even more exciting than usually because I took Monday off from work so hello three day weekend!  🙂

Blogging has been a real struggle for me lately.  I use a computer 8+ hours at work and I’ve also been doing a part-time online position in the evenings since the beginning of July.  By the time I’m finished with everything, usually the last thing I want to do is spend even more time on my computer.  Also, the lack of sleep since mid-July has really brought me down.  The only thing getting me through the day is caffeine and more caffeine.  The stress of not sleeping is making me crave all the bad things & getting lazy with cooking.  NOT GOOD.  I’m dying… I need sleep!  

This past weekend, I painted the sides of the cabinets that frame our sink area + the opening between our sink & breakfast nook because we bought a new towel holder.  When we bought the house, there was this really cheap & flimsy towel holder that always broke off.  It took us a YEAR to replace it.  When we took the old one off, it took the paint with it.  We picked up a small sample of white paint which ended up being a few shades lighter than the cabinets…. woops.  I’m guessing that the cabinets used to be bright white & they’ve just faded over the years.  

Painting the rest of the cabinets to match may be my next project.  I’ve never painted cabinets before so…. it could be interesting!

These last two-ish months, I’ve started running at the gym on the days I don’t have boot camp.  I know, I don’t know what is wrong with me.  Honestly, I read that running is a good way to slim muscular thighs which is an issue I’m having these days.  Granted, I run about a mile before I’m spent so it’s not like I’m running long distances or anything.  I’m almost 30 years old & have never ran more than a mile in my life so it’s going to take me awhile to go any further.  The crazy thing is that I kind of like it!  I blast some Metallica or Black Sabbath and just focus on running.  It’s been a good stress reliever lately so I think it’s something I’m going to continue.  Even if it doesn’t shrink my thighs, maybe it will help with my endurance for Trek Up The Tower in February.  😉  

I think I am going to hit up Sephora this weekend as I still have a gift card that I won from a giveaway awhile back.  I’m pretty much at the end of my bottle of Revlon foundation & thinking about getting a high end foundation this time.  I’m in need of some suggestions!  I’ve always wanted to try Urban Decay Naked Skin — is it worth it?  Or what else would be good for dry skin and to hide pores?

We don’t have much planned for this weekend other than hopefully sleeping & catching up on some much needed cleaning… again.  On Monday, we are road tripping about an hour & a half south to check out the eclipse!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Update on the Foster Dog a.k.a. Gremlin

Goodness.  Where to even begin?  I like to write these updates on our foster dogs as something to look back on & remember.  Especially since we plan to continue fostering other dogs and eventually get one of our own someday.  I feel like this one might end up being a little lengthy so feel free to skip this post if you want.  🙂 

I’ve been lacking motivation with a lot of things lately because this guy has sapped ALL of my energy ever since we got him 5 weeks ago.  Sure, he looks all cute & innocent but he turns into a gremlin if you feed him after midnight (…kidding, sort of).  In fact, I think Gizmo or Mogwai would be a good new name for him.  😉  

After this post, things took a major turn that night (July 18th).  We had only had him a few days & during that time he would sleep in the kennel at night.  There were a few nights where he woke us up by barking so we would take him outside where he would do his business and then put him back in the kennel where he slept the rest of the night.  This night, he was NOT having it.  He woke us up around 3am by barking so I took him outside & did everything like normal.  About 5 minutes later, he started barking… again.  This time, Curtis took him outside where he had to use the bathroom once again.  As soon as he finished, he put him back in the kennel.  Another 5 minutes later, the barking started.  And did NOT stop.  Curtis took him back outside again but of course he didn’t have to do anything.  So, back in the kennel he went but immediately started barking as soon as he was in it.  By this point, I think it was about 3:30-3:45am so we tried putting the kennel in another part of the house.  Nope, no luck.  He would bark, bang his head against the door, and just completely lose it.  This was entirely new behavior as he had never acted like this in the kennel before.  We weren’t sure if he was sick or if something had scared him while he was in the kennel so we were kind of at a loss.  Not to mention that it was the middle of the night so it wasn’t like we call someone with the rescue for some advice.  Eventually, we gave up on the kennel and gated off the back part of our kitchen while we tried to sleep.  However, he ended up climbing up on the table, knocking over the bench that we have for the table, and really didn’t settle down the rest of the night.  I called in to work that morning and spent the day with him at home where he was perfectly calm.

Since we didn’t want another sleepless night, I reached out to the rescue for some advice (and maybe even asked them to find another home for him..).  At the suggestion of one of the trainers, I took him for a walk that evening to try to wear him out and also let him wander the backyard for awhile before trying to put him in the kennel.  We also gave him some melatonin to try to help him relax.  Unfortunately, none of these things worked and this was probably the worst night we had with him.  As soon as we put him in the kennel around 10:00pm, he immediately started barking and freaking out the way he did the night before.  We decided to give up on the kennel all together and just let him roam the main floor of the house.  He slept for a little bit which allowed us to get a few hours of sleep before he was up again.  He would bark, pace, cry, whine, you name it.  This all started around 2:00am and went on the entire night.  You guys, I cannot tell you how frustrating this was.  Have you heard a basset hound bark?  It is SO deep and SO loud and echoes through the entire house.  He would not settle down for anything.  We even tried the kennel again but he ended up biting me in the process of trying to put him in– that’s how bad he hates the kennel!  🙁  Curtis & I were basically taking turns trying to get him to settle down.  Eventually, Curtis ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room to see if that would help him relax.  He would lay down for a little while but then get up again to pace/cry/bark.  All together, I think I got about 3 hours of sleep that night.  

While we were at work, we gated him in the back part of our kitchen.  When I came home from work, he had destroyed the mini blinds but otherwise didn’t appear to mess with anything else in the area.  That night (July 20th), we met with a dog trainer who works with the rescue because we were kind of losing our minds & the rescue did not have another foster home for him to go to.  We kept him out of the kennel all together & didn’t even bother trying to put him in it at bedtime.  We also increased the melatonin dosage a little.  As soon as we shut all the lights off and got into bed, he was almost immediately anxious.  He came into our room and barked or he would walk into the living and bark.  This went on for several minutes before he finally settled down enough to let us sleep…. for a few hours.  He was up again in the middle of the night & continued the pacing/barking/crying.  

And the nighttime anxiety has continued, for the most part.  He seems to be fine during the day as he’s not destroying our house and neighbors haven’t called about a dog barking constantly.  He also does pretty well when we are at home in the evenings and during the weekends.  There is just something about nighttime that triggers his anxiety for some reason & we have yet to really figure out how to change this.  He will wake up anytime between 12:30-4:00am, walk into our room and start barking.  Even if we shut the door, he will bark from the outside.  We take him outside because he almost always has to pee but once he’s back inside, he doesn’t seem to know how to relax.  He will continue to bark/whine/cry/pace throughout the remainder of the night and will only lay down for a short period of time.  We tried melatonin and Benadryl but neither seemed to have much of an effect on him.  I started sleeping with headphones to try to drown him out so I wasn’t a complete zombie at work.  

After his adventure in the Papio Creek, the vet prescribed him some anti-anxiety medication.  This seemed to help a little but he would still get up in the middle of the night, go outside, and then pace/cry/whine for awhile once he was back inside.  He just didn’t bark as much once he was on the medication.  We aren’t sure if it’s separation anxiety, mainly because he’s still so skittish around us & doesn’t seem to care for people much.  We think the behavior is because he is lonely.  In the middle of the night, he will sometimes walk around the house & just sob!  I’ve never heard anything like it before & it’s so sad!  🙁  Of course we don’t know everything about his past but we assume that the previous humans & dogs they have are all he has ever known.  Now that he’s by himself in a new place with strange people, he’s missing his pack.  I can’t help but feel terrible for him as I can’t imagine what is going through his head.  

This past Friday, he had his neuter surgery & was given instructions to be kenneled for the next 10-12 days.  As you can imagine, he was NOT about the kennel at all.  He slept in it for a little while that evening but once the medicine wore off, he was back to barking & banging his head against the door.  So, we took him out and tried putting the cone that I had from our last foster pup’s surgery on him but it was way too small.  Since we didn’t want him out wandering around the house & possibly messing with his stitches, we decided to put him our bedroom for that evening with the door shut.  And guess what…..   he slept the entire night!  And again on Saturday & Sunday night.  We’ve continued letting him sleep in our room this week but he has been waking up around 4:30-5:00am and will bark at us to let us know he needs to go outside.  The only difference is that once he’s back inside, we put him back in our room, and he is able to lay down again rather than pace & cry the rest of the night.  He is still on the antianxiety medication so maybe that is finally starting to work.  I know the medication is not permanent but I hope that it helps him to learn to be more comfortable with humans.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is something that continues!  GOD knows I need some freaking sleep right now!  

Summer Questions – TBB Asks

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I saw a few of these posts yesterday so I thought I would join in with The Blended Blog.  I’m a sucker for any kind of survey too!

Pool, Lake, or Ocean?  Well, I’ve never seen or been to the ocean before and pools are just too crowded so I’d have to go with lake.  It has been way too long since I’ve been swimming anywhere!

Camping, Cottage, or Hotel?  Hotel.  I’m not outdoorsy at all & you won’t catch me camping!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  Chocolate chip cookie dough.

PJs, Nightgown, T-Shirt/Shorts, or Birthday Suit?  T-shirt & shorts, always.

Favorite Summer Beverage   Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Would you rather be hot or cold?  Hot, for sure.  I hate being cold!

Sandals with heels or flats?   Flats all the way.  I tend to roll my ankle or fall over whenever I’m wearing heels.

Shorts or Skirts?  Shorts are way more comfortable.

Sit in the sun or the shade?  Sit in the sun.  Even though it’s so BAD for redheads but sunshine just feels so wonderful!

Water, Tea, or Soda?   Water.  Unless I’m really craving a Coke Zero or something.

Favorite Summer Fruit/Vegetable   Strawberries & sweet corn.

Sunrise or Sunset?  Sunset.  I’m never awake early enough to see the sunrise.

Bike Ride or Walk?  Walk.  Only because I don’t own a bike….

Winery or Brewery?  Brewery.  I like wine but beer is more my speed.

Garden or No Garden?  After this year, I’d say no garden.  I’ve managed to kill all the flowers I planted in planters and some of the flowers in our garden.

Big Summer Concert or Music in the Park?   Big summer concert.  🙂

Favorite Cookout Food?  Burgers.

Dine Indoors or Patio?  Patio.  It’s only nice a few months out of the year so have to make the most of it.

Favorite Summer Destination?  We don’t really travel much in the summer so I can’t answer this one.

Big Theme Park or Local Carnival?  Neither.  I’m too old for both of these!

Drinks Blended or On The Rocks?  On the rocks.

Popsicle or Freezie Flavor of Choice  Um… the blue one.  It’s been ages since I’ve had one of these!

Hot Dog or Hamburger?  Hamburger.

What are some of your summer favorites??