Weekly Workouts #1


Workouts for the week of December 12th through December 18th, 2016.

Monday |   I hopped on the stair machine as soon as I got to the gym as nobody was using it for the first time in weeks.  (The gym has been super busy lately & seems like someone is always on that machine or waiting to get on it)  I did 870 steps in 10:08 which isn’t too bad.  After that, I did some stretching & a quick kettlebell workout I found on Pinterest.
3 Rounds
20 shoulder presses -15# — these were no joke & ended up as push presses about halfway through.
20 pass through lunges – 15#
20 kettlebell swings – 40#

I did a quick superset of resistance band pull aparts, back extensions on the stability ball, and overhead lateral extensions.  As a finisher, I ran for 5 minutes on the treadmill.

Tuesday |  Total Body Conditioning (TBC although I occasionally still refer to it as HIT as they just recently changed the name)
Our WOD was a 300 (obviously not as intense as the one I’ve linked to).  Due to time & equipment, we only do 20 reps, then run the stairs once; 15 reps & run the stairs twice; 10 reps & run the stairs three times; finally 5 reps & run stairs 4 times.  The stairs that we run are 3 flights.  Our workout involved:
– Barbell chest press
– Barbell upright row
– Barbell squat
– Single leg deadlift
– Box jumps
– Raise Up — not sure of the technical name for this but it’s an ab workout where you just barely get your shoulders off the ground & then back down.

Our finisher involved 3 rounds of more ab moves for 20 reps each:
– Jack Knife
– Bicycles
– Leg raises
– Heel touches

Wednesday |   I really wanted to get on the stair machine as soon as I got there just to get it out of the way but of course, both machines were taken.  I jumped on the treadmill for about 4 minutes of walking and then 8 minutes of running.  I’m not a runner at all so that was enough for me.  I did a quick 20 minute kettlebell workout after that.
4 Rounds
– 20 KB Swings 40#
– 15 KB Goblet Squats 20#
– 10/each KB Reverse Lunges 20#
– 15 KB Deadlifts 40#
– 20 KB High Pull 20#

After that, I was able to jump on the stair machine but I was not feeling it.  I got a little over 5 minutes into it & was dead.  This is why I like to use the machine before any of my other workouts!  I did some stretching & called it a day.

Thursday |   Rest.  The rescue was putting on a clinic at 5:30 so I had take Sophie in for vaccines & a micro chip.  By the time I got home, it was nearly 7:00 so the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym at that time.

Friday |  Rest.

Saturday |  Rest.  We were snowed in at home so going to the gym wasn’t an option.  Sure, I could have done my own workout at home but… the couch just sounded so much better.

Sunday |  Thankfully it had stopped snowing by the afternoon on Saturday so the roads were much better.  Curtis & I went to the gym around 10:30am which is a good time to go!  I hopped on the stair machine as soon as we got there & did 870 steps in 9 minutes 59 seconds which is probably one of my fastest times!  After that, I grabbed some dumbbells & kettlebells for a 3 round workout:
20 Shoulder Press  12#
20 High Pulls  20#
20 Swings  40#
10/each Biceps Curl  12#
15 Russian Twist 12#

I ended with a very quick shoulder superset of some Arnold presses & front raise.  Curtis wanted to get back & watch the Chiefs game so we didn’t spend a ton of time at the gym.  It was just nice to get out of the house for awhile!

I’m still trying to figure out a good day to post these.  I wanted to keep up with these posts so I can keep track of my training for Trek Up The Tower which is in February.  Not sure if I will continue with Mondays or pick another day during the week.  Anyways, the weather this weekend really kind of put a damper on things!  I know I could do my own workouts at home & have plenty of body weight only ones saved on Pinterest.  The motivation to do it is where I struggle the most!

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