Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is this weekend!  Are you ready?  I’m not sure if I am!  We really procrastinated with buying gifts this year so there are still a few more things to get this week.  The weather put a damper on trying to get some stuff this weekend so I feel like I’m scrambling around like a crazy person.  That’s what you get for waiting, right?  Lesson learned for next year!  Other than a new dishwasher, these are a few things I have on my wish list right now.

Ed Hardy ‘Love Kills Slowly’ Perfume |   I don’t care how out dated Ed Hardy is these days;  this is one of the best perfumes I’ve ever smelled.   It’s one of those that I feel like I need to stock up on because who knows how much longer they will continue making it?  I mean, I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone wearing a shirt with gold foiled dragons & skulls all over it.

Starbucks Cold Cup |   I drink cold coffee every. single. day.  Currently, I’m using a water bottle as my coffee “mug” which is really stained & starting to look a little weird.  I like this one because it’s black + it has a straw so I’ll be saving my white teeth!

Nike Juvenate Running Shoes |   I have been hearing a lot of good things about these shoes & I’ve been looking for a new pair of bright blue ones.  I finally had to toss my old Smurf Nikes a few months ago as they had definitely seen their day.  These would most likely be used on days that I weight lift/Body Pump or the treadmill rather than my HIT workouts (I think I’ll be in the market for some new trainers soon as my current ones are over a year old now).

25lb Kettlebell, 15lb Kettlebell |   I’ve been wanting to have some heavier weights at home for those days when the weather is bad & can’t make it to the gym.  25 pounds is good for doing one arm swings, rows, high pulls, etc.  while the 15 pound one is good for doing windmills, Turkish get ups, Russian twists, snatches, etc.

Target, Ulta, and Old Navy gift cards |   Gift cards are an easy gift but they are probably one of my favorites!  Target & Old Navy because of their clothes, duh.  And Ulta because I really need some good skincare products.

These didn’t make my collage but basically any home decor items from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Home Goods are definitely on my list!  I also really want to new Metallica coffee table book which came out recently.

What is on your Christmas wish list?


  1. haha! i have some workout stuff on my list as well. i love GCs for gifts; some people think it’s “informal” but no way; I can buy what I want when I want!

    1. Megan
      December 20, 2016

      I love gift cards as well and yes, some people think they are so informal. I just think it’s easier to pick out the actual thing I want!

  2. Jessie @ Just Jessie
    December 24, 2016

    I’m with you on all of this stuff, especially the gift cards. My mom was panicking this year because she doesn’t know what to get me. I told her gift cards or pay my car insurance haha!!
    Jessie @ Just Jessie recently posted…Merry Christmas Eve!My Profile

    1. Megan
      December 25, 2016

      Gift cards are some of my favorite gifts as I can pick out something rather than narrowing it down to one item! Paying for car insurance is a pretty good gift idea too!


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