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Happy happy Friday!

I don’t know about you guys but it does NOT feel like Christmas.  Or the end of the year already.  I’ve been feeling like a Debbie Downer lately as I’m just not in the Christmas spirit this year.  Of course I love having our tree up & lights on the house but that’s about as far as it goes.  Maybe because it just feels like another holiday?   I always seem to struggle with motivation as soon as the weather starts getting cold & the sun has set before I leave work at 5.  Anyways!  Moving on to other things in life this week!

We have a fairly busy weekend planned so I’m glad that we have Monday off as a day to relax.  On Saturday, we are going to spend the day in Lincoln at my mom’s house to celebrate Christmas.  Then on Sunday we are having some of Curtis’ extended family over to our house as they haven’t seen it yet.  We also always get together with my stepdad & stepsister for Christmas but won’t be able to do that until the first part of January.  Tonight is going to be spent getting all of the last minute things for this weekend and cleaning!

I am loving all of our Christmas cards!  I kind of want to keep them up all year.

Sophie is officially up for adoption!  You can check out her biography here!  I think I spent an hour & a half trying to figure out what to write.  I don’t know how many examples I read + Googled how to write one.  She still has quite a few “issues” so it was hard to try to put them in a more positive tone.  I don’t know if she will be adopted anytime soon, especially since she still has to go through heartworm treatment at the end of January + she will be spayed once the treatment is all finished.  We may possibly end up having her until the spring!  (Unless nobody adopts her & we just keep her forever)

Wednesday night after work, I decided to try a cycling class for the first time ever!  In all the years I’ve been doing group fitness classes, this is one that I’ve always stayed away from.  I’ve never been a huge fan of biking so the thought of a cycle class was never appealing to me.  Lately, I’ve been getting so bored with my workouts so I decided to give it a try.  And..  I really liked it!  I wasn’t dying like I thought I would be & worked up a pretty good sweat.  My calves are still sore because most of the class was spent standing up on the bikes.  I think this is something I’ll add into my workouts from now on!

Alright, time to wrap things up.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend!

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  1. it’s important to find something (or try something) new to give some oomph to your exercise routine. i used to LOVE spinning when i went to a regular gym. then i started muay thai and my life changed and i really dont know how i’m going to deal with NOT doing this type of training when my body gets too old for it!
    kathy @ more coffee, less talky recently posted…Friday Thangs [12-23]My Profile

    1. Megan
      December 25, 2016

      You can totally do muay thai for as long as you want, haha!! I agree with mixing things up though! Even just doing that one class was enough to give me some motivation again!


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