Holiday Weekend

Happy Tuesday!

Hopefully you all had an awesome Christmas weekend & an extra day off from work yesterday to recover!  I definitely needed the day off to just mellow out & get ready for another week.  Pictures from this weekend are pretty much non-existant which I kind of regret.  It was kind of a whirlwind & I didn’t have much time to take any pictures.  But, let’s start with Friday!

Work was fairly easy although the day went pretty slow (as expected for the day before a long weekend, of course).  I still had a few gifts to get so I stopped at World Market for some things.  Then I hit up Target along with everyone else & their grandma for everything we needed to host Christmas on Sunday.  Target was fairly picked over so I stopped at another grocery store on the way home for a few more things.  The rest of Friday was spent doing some cleaning around the house & calling it an early night.

I got up early on Saturday morning to try to get some things done a.k.a. more cleaning & picking up the house.  We left Omaha a little after 12 to head to my mom’s house in Lincoln.  We brought Sophie with us to get an idea of what she would do in an unfamiliar house + how she would act around cats.  I also just didn’t want to leave her home alone all day. 🙂   She hid under the table for awhile but then started to get more comfortable & slept the rest of the time.  I think we can safely say that she would be fine around cats if whoever adopts her has one.

We ate a really late lunch/early dinner & then laid around on the couch the rest of the time we were there.  And opened presents of course.  We got my mom a candle, a calendar, and a wedding picture + a flash drive of all of our wedding pictures.  She got Curtis a bottle of the new Winter Jack cider whiskey and some shirts while I got a bottle of perfume, a jacket, and a cute Christmas penguin since I don’t have very many decorations.

On Sunday morning, we were woke up by rain & lighting.  Yes, we had a storm on Christmas morning and not snow.  Since we were hosting Christmas with Curtis’ family, we were up way too early to get the potato soup going in the crock pots.  Thankfully we had some time to relax before everyone came over & we opened our gifts for each other.  Since we are planning on buying a new dishwasher, we only spent $25 on each other for gifts.  I got Curtis a gift card to Scooters (coffee shop), a bottle of B&BW body spray in ‘Noir’, and a box of some Lenny & Larry’s cookies.  Curtis got me a gift card to Ulta, a mini headphone holder, and the Starbucks cup I mentioned in this post.

Curtis’ family all came over around 12 and some stuck around until about 4:30.  There was a lot of eating, drinking, and just hanging out.

Once everyone left our place, we planted ourselves on the couch & didn’t move the rest of the night.  I think we re-traumatized Sophie by having so many people over.  She stayed in the kennel the entire time but we kept her in her usual spot in the kitchen so she could see what was going on.  She seems to get nervous when she can hear things but can’t see what is making the noise.  Once all of the little kids left, we let her out of the kennel but she hid under our table & didn’t want to come out for anything.  When everyone else left, she paced from the kitchen to the living room & back for almost the entire evening.

Monday was spent getting back to normal again.  I had zero motivation to go to the gym, possibly from too much wine the night before ;).  I went to Ulta to use my gift card on some self tanning spray, dark circle concealer, and the Rock Nudes palette by Maybelline.  I also went to the mall which was a major mistake.  I think it was crazier than Black Friday!  I didn’t buy anything only because lines were crazy long & way too crowded.  The weather was pretty decent so we let Sophie run around in the backyard for awhile.  She was still pretty anxious from the day before & continued to pace around the house.  I thought running around outside would help burn off some of that energy but it didn’t seem to do anything for her.  I normally do some food prepping before another week of work but we have so many leftovers that I didn’t need to do anything.  I think we’ll be eating potato soup & bread for the next week.  After that, it’s major detox time because I’m definitely feeling  a little puffy after all the carbs this weekend!

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend & a successful Christmas hosting.  I’m glad that all of the craziness is (mostly) over with!  We have another Christmas celebration in two weeks with my stepdad & stepsister at our place but should be pretty low-key compared to this weekend.

Have a great week everyone!  Tell me about your Christmas!


  1. I haven’t worked out since Friday and I AM FEELING IT! gym opens up again on Wednesday and I can’t wait!

    Sounds like you guys had a super Christmas!

    1. Megan
      December 28, 2016

      It was busy but a good time! Workouts have been a little tougher this week too!


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