2016 – Year In Review Part I

I know I sound like everyone else when I say that I can’t believe it’s the end of 2016 already.  The older I get, the more the years just seem to fly by!  I decided to do a recap of this past year as it was probably the busiest yet most exciting year.  Not to mention the most adult-y year ever!  I’m breaking it up into two parts as there are a lot of things to talk about!

We rang in the New Year by grabbing an early dinner at Cheesecake Factory, some fancy beer from HyVee, and spending the rest of the evening at home. This was the first time in years that we hadn’t gone out for NYE so this was definitely a change of pace.

I finally had to say goodbye to my 2002 Honda Accord after having it over 10 years. It had gotten to the point where it would have cost more to fix all of the things that were wrong with it than the car was worth. As much as I wanted another Honda, I ended up falling in love with a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta instead!  While I can’t say that I still love the car, it’s been nice to have something reliable.

My friend Jacquelyn had her baby girl – Daphne.  It was so exciting to finally meet her!


This month brought more babies!  My stepsister Kelsey had her baby girl – Raya.  She decided to make her appearance in the world a little sooner than planned but was healthy.

I participated in Trek Up The Tower for the first time & finished in 9 minutes 39 seconds.   I’ve never participated in any sort of race before but now I’m hooked!  It was tough but totally worth the pain in your legs & burning in your lungs once you reach the top.

I applied for a promotion at work & didn’t get it.  While I wasn’t too upset that I wasn’t chosen for it, it was still a little defeating as I had been with the organization for over 5 years.

We had beautiful weather at the end of the month (close to 80 degrees!) so I took advantage of it by knocking out some wedding decorations which included lots of spray painting.

We celebrated more babies this month by making the trip to Rising City for Nancee’s baby shower.

I turned 28 on the 13th & had a very low-key celebration, I guess you could say.  We had lunch with my mom at Crystal Jade for one of my all time favorite meals (peanut butter chicken).  Other than that, it was a pretty typical Sunday!  I’m not big into celebrating my birthday anyway but I just really didn’t feel like doing much of anything for it this year.

Another potential promotion opened up which I interviewed for and…. didn’t get.  Again.  This one was a little more upsetting because the position was for the team that I am currently on (and have been on ever since I started working in the Omaha office).

This month was when I had the realization that we needed to get things done for our wedding!  We mailed out our invites mid-April after almost having the wrong addresses for our ceremony & reception listed.  For some reason, we never noticed this when we received the test prints so we had 100+ invites that all had the wrong address.  We had to have them re-printed but thankfully they were super quick with returning the correct ones.

I had my bridal shower in Lincoln at Rule G in the Railyard.  It was a super hot & windy day but was still really nice.

Outdoor boot camp started up again at the beginning of the month.  This was my third year doing the class on Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 5:30.

We froze outside at Rockfest (seriously did not think it was going to be so cold when I bought the tickets).  We got there just as Hellyeah was taking the stage.  After that, it was Atreyu, Clutch, Lamb of God, and finally Rob Zombie.  He was the only one I wanted to see anyway & by the time he took the stage, it was in the upper 30s.

The day after the concert, we attended Kenny & Kelly’s wedding (Curtis’ cousins) at The Durham.  It was such a beautiful wedding & they had the best food!  And cake!

Curtis’ brother Marty and his girlfriend came to Omaha for the weekend so we Uber’d to Benson for a night out at the bars, including 1912 which is one of my favorites!  It was also the same day as my wedding hair & makeup trial hence the crazy curls.

I had an impromptu “bachelorette” party over Memorial Day weekend.  It wasn’t anything crazy because we’re all old.  Instead, we did some wine tasting at James Arthur Vineyards, then grabbed some drinks at Zipline, and ended the evening with dinner at Schilling Bridge.

Our realtor reached out to us this month as we had mentioned that we would be looking at houses again.  We looked at a house for sale in a pretty decent neighborhood & I loved it immediately.  I wanted to put an offer on it that day but the timing was so bad as our wedding was in two weeks.  We had zero time to do anything house-related so we let it go.

June 11th –  OUR WEDDING DAY a.ka. the best day!   After months & months of preparing, the day was finally here.

Our ceremony took place at Curtis’ parents place on one of the hottest days of the year.  They had recently re-finished the barn so it was a beautiful back drop.  We had kind of a rustic vintage theme & some of my favorite pictures are with the Model T.

The day went by so incredibly fast & was a lot of fun.  We kept our wedding very simple & just wanted everyone to have a good time.  Because we knew we wanted to buy a house, we didn’t go on a tropical Jamaican honeymoon like we had considered doing.  Instead, we decided to drive to Chicago & spent the week there.

We did all of the tourist-y things —  Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Willis Tower, Wrigley Field, Chinatown, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Hancock Building, and a boat tour on Lake Michigan which was absolutely frigid for the middle of June.  We stayed along Michigan Avenue so we also did some shopping.  My favorite favorite FAVORITE place was the Signature Lounge in the Hancock building.  Although my beer cost more than a 6 pack, this view was 100% worth it.

As soon as we got back to Omaha, we hit the ground running for a house.  Our realtor began sending us listings nearly every single day & we toured several houses.  The housing market had done a complete flip from the year before.  Houses were being sold within hours of being listed.  We would get an email in the morning of some listings, make a time to go see a house after work and it would be gone before 5:00.  The houses that we did end up getting a chance to see really weren’t that great.  I guess I should also mention that houses were being listed for well over what they were actually worth because buyers were paying that & bidding wars weren’t uncommon.  Thankfully we never got to that point but never found a house that really stuck out to us.

We also attended the wedding of one of Curtis’ high school friends, Geoff.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from it.  We left the wedding early & walked across the street to a bar called The Poop Deck where the wedding party actually showed up after the wedding.  We closed the bar down with them!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!


  1. it’s sad when you have to get rid of a beloved car! when i had to retire my GTI, i nearly cried; that car has taken me on many a great rides.

    1. Megan
      December 28, 2016

      Oh man, I cried over having to get rid of that car so much! Yes, so many memories! I don’t think I would be as sad if I had to get rid my VW, haha.

  2. Jessi's Design
    December 28, 2016

    So so fun! I hope 2017 is just as exciting! Xo

    1. Megan
      December 28, 2016

      Thanks! I hope so too… but maybe not as busy!

  3. ShootingStarsMag
    December 28, 2016

    Sounds like a really full year, and you’re not even finished recapping! The pictures from your wedding are beautiful. 🙂

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…12 Days of Christmas Swap Reveal!My Profile

    1. Megan
      December 28, 2016

      Thank you! And yes, it was a very busy year, haha.


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