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Hello!  We are halfway through the week, thank goodness!  After missing this link up the past two months, I’m finally joining in!  I missed the memo where they were posting before the last Wednesday of the month due to the holidays.

What We’re Eating This Week

I made a batch of potato soup on Sunday which always has enough for leftovers.  This is one of my go-to recipes during the winter.  Other than that, we don’t really plan our meals out so we’re just going to be eating random things this week!

What I’m Reminiscing About

I saw a video on Facebook last night that was all about songs turning 20 YEARS OLD this year.

  • Everybody – BSB
  • MMBop – Hanson
  • Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls
  • You Make Me Wanna – Usher
  • Barbie Girl – Aqua

I don’t feel old at all… 🙁

What I’m Loving

I started doing a Cycle class right before Christmas & have continued going 1-2 times a week!  In all the years that I’ve been doing group fitness classes, I never tried cycling only because I don’t really care for bike riding in the first place.  I’ve been needing to mix things up with my fitness routine & now I’m hooked!

The pop of pink I added to my hair last weekend!  It has faded a smidge since this picture but you can still see that it is pink compared to the rest of my hair.

What We’ve Been Up To

We hosted Christmas on the 5th with my stepdad, stepsister, her husband, and their two kids.  On the 6th, we drove down to Nemaha to celebrate Daphne’s first birthday.

Curtis & his dad installed our Christmas present last weekend – a new dishwasher!  The dishwasher that was left by the previous owners was in pretty bad shape.  It hadn’t been taken care of so it smelled like rotten food & left a nice film on the dishes which required some scrubbing to get off.  So, we’ve been hand washing ALL of our dishes since we bought the house back in August.

What I’m Dreading

Sophie goes in for her first round of heartworm treatments next Monday morning so I’m a little nervous if it will set her back again.  As I mentioned in my last post, she regressed quite a bit after Christmas & she has slowly been getting more comfortable again.

What I’m Working On

Training for Trek Up The Tower next month — lots of time on the stair machine!  I also feel like the cycle class is building up my legs for running up the stairs.  Or at least that is what I’m telling myself, haha.  I remember my calves were on fire during the race last year.  I get that same feeling when I’m on the bike but it has slowly gotten better as I’ve continued the class.

Goals for this year —  I mentioned how I wanted to start getting up earlier in the mornings.  Yeah… that is still definitely a work in progress.

WordPress —  I am still trying to figure it out!  I’ve been messing around with different themes but keep going back to this one.  CSS is definitely difficult so I haven’t had much luck in configuring other themes how I like them.  And I’m not quite ready to drop some $$ on one either.

What I’m Excited About

The fact that the sun is setting later in the evenings.  I cannot tell you guys how happy this makes me!  Winter is always a hard time for me (enter: seasonal affective disorder), including daylight savings time.  It’s dark when I go to work & dark when I leave work so seeing sunlight at 5:00 lifts my mood a bit.

What I’m Watching/Reading

I just picked up The Girl Before after having it on my hold list at the library for quite awhile.  I’m still at the beginning but I LOVE it so far.  As for watching.. nada.  I don’t have any regular TV shows that I watch currently.

What I’m Listening To

I’ve been listening to this playlist on Spotify pretty often these days.  ‘The Stage’ and ‘My Name Is Human’ are my favorites!

What I’m Wearing

OLD Nike sweatpants & a long sleeved shirt (I’m typing this on Tuesday night & it’s about time to go bed!).

What We’re Doing This Weekend

As of right now, we have zero plans to do anything & that is okay with me!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

I’m going to sound like a broken record here but I’m SO excited for Trek Up The Tower!  I’m feeling pretty confident about it & crossing my fingers that my time will be better than last year.  Other than that, we are celebrating another 1st birthday party & hopefully getting together with some friends which is long overdue.

What Else Is New

We have been talking about where to take a vacation later this year.  A trip to Denver may be happening as it has been almost two years since we were last there.  We didn’t get a chance to see Alice & Thomas over Christmas so we need to see them & spend some more time with baby Mae!  I also think a long weekend trip to Chicago should happen.  I want to go on another boat tour when it’s NOT 55 degrees!

Another idea is a trip to the West coast!  This is still really up in the air since it requires some more planning (and money!).


Have a great day everyone!  Joining Sheaffer, Shay, and Mel!


  1. Donna
    January 25, 2017

    The other night I was making supper and realized that it was still fairly light out at 5:00, which was SO exciting. I’m not a fan of winter but I think a big part of it is the lack of daylight. Hoping your pup gets along well with treatment!
    Donna recently posted…What’s Up Wednesday – January 2017My Profile

    1. Megan
      January 25, 2017

      Thanks! I hope she does okay too but we will see after next week! I agree with the lack of daylight during the winter. I definitely feel a change in my mood whenever it’s sunny compared to dreary/cloudy days.

  2. Jessie @ Just Jessie
    January 25, 2017

    Jessie @ Just Jessie recently posted…Random Jobs I’ve HadMy Profile

    1. Megan
      January 25, 2017

      I definitely want to go back to Chicago! I loved staying along Michigan Avenue but it’s SO dang expensive! We MIGHT get tickets to that concert though… still trying to convince Curtis we should go….

  3. Mattie Dulka
    January 25, 2017

    WAIT…it’s Trek Up the Tower next month?! I swear your post about doing it was not that long ago!!! OMG, why is time going so fast?! (Sorry to be having a nervous breakdown in your comments section hahaha!)

    I love the pink in your hair and thank goodness you won’t have to hand wash every dish anymore!!!
    Mattie Dulka recently posted…Outfits Lately, Vol. 4My Profile

    1. Megan
      January 25, 2017

      Haha, I know, I can’t believe it’s next month already either! It doesn’t feel like it’s been almost a year since the last race! I’m kind of freaking out about it too because time needs to slow down! Most of the pink is already gone but I think I’m going to re-do it this weekend. And yes, SO glad to be done hand washing ALL of the dishes!

  4. Cara
    January 25, 2017

    Just found your blog, love it!! Good luck with your “Trek Up The Tower”! I am certain I would die. 🙂 I just did a New Years post that included getting up early too. So far so good! Check it out!

    I vote Chicago too, love, love, love that place!

    1. Megan
      January 25, 2017

      Thank you! 🙂 The race is so much fun even though it’s super tough for sure! I struggle walking up the three flights to my office sometimes, haha. I will definitely check out your post as I need some tips to get up earlier. It has been tough, especially on these super cold mornings.


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