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This week feels like it completely got away from me & I just did not have the motivation to sit down to write a blog post.  By the time I would get home from the gym, shower, eat dinner, pack my lunch/gym bag, it would be after 8:00.  These are the times where I wish I could get motivated to workout in the mornings before work.  I struggle with mornings in general so I don’t know if I could get up even earlier than I’m supposed to!  Anyways, let’s get on with some favorites from this week!

A local radio station announced that Highly Suspect is going to be in Omaha in April & offered pre-sale tickets which I bought on Wednesday night.  I wanted to see them when they were in Lincoln last year but missed it.  I’m so excited even though it’s another two months away!

Kroger Energy Drink Mix –  I keep these on hand at work when I’m feeling that afternoon slump.  Or when I need a little boost before my 5:30 HIT class.  I’m not a fan of pre-workouts, mostly because of the price but also because the tingles from it drive me insane.  Wildberry is probably my favorite flavor but they have a pineapple mango one that is just as good!  I don’t drink these every day as they aren’t the healthiest but I’ve been feeling extra tired by the time 2:30 rolls around so these have been my go to.

The Happiness Planner –  I really love the idea behind this planner.  I’m the type of person that really struggles with focusing on the positive sometimes so I feel like this would help shift my focus.  The price tag is a little off putting so I’m thinking about picking up this one from Anthropologie.  If anyone has this, tell me what you think about it!

Sophie had her first heartworm treatment on Tuesday morning so she has a little bald spot on her back.  She spent the entire day at the vet as they had to monitor her for any reactions toward the shot so we were able to pick her up in the evening as she did well.  As soon as we got her home, she was back to her normal self.  She hasn’t acted like she’s been in any pain either which is good.  She’s on three different medications that she has to take every 8 or 12 hours for the next 10 days.  We also have to majority restrict her activity which means she is now on a leash whenever she’s outside.  Basically she cannot do anything that will raise her heart rate as it can release the dead worms into her bloodstream & have a blood clot-like effect.  She’s so confused as to why she can’t run around outside!  I feel so bad for her as she loves being outside but she’s confined to a leash for the next THREE MONTHS!

We don’t have much planned for this weekend once again.  It’s going to be almost 50 degrees on Saturday so definitely need to take advantage of it!   Have a great weekend everyone!  Linking up with Andrea, Narci, Erika, and Amanda!


  1. Morgan
    February 3, 2017

    Sophie looks so sweet – I hope she gets better quick!

    1. Megan
      February 5, 2017

      Thanks! Yes, she is very sweet but so timid & afraid of everything!


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