Weekly Workouts #2

Workouts for the week of February 18th through February 24th

Saturday |  Trek Up The Tower!

Sunday |  Active Rest – Walking
The weather was absolutely gorgeous so I really didn’t want to spend any time at the gym.  Instead, I went for a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood.  I’m not sure how far I walked since I didn’t track it but it was at least 2 miles, if not more.

Monday | Cycle
45 minutes = 19.5 miles.   We got to the gym a little early so I did a quick 10 minute walking warm up on the treadmill before class.  I got on the bike about 10 minutes early so part of my mileage is from that.  I really like this instructor as it feels like a HIT workout.  He tells us when to increase speed, resistance, etc. and when to back off which goes on for about 15 minutes before getting a short break & then going right back into it.

Tuesday |  TBC was cancelled this evening & replaced with Body Attack.  I used to do Body Attack when I first moved to Omaha as there really wasn’t much else offered as far as classes go but it was never something I really enjoyed– I just needed to get in some cardio!  So, I skipped out on it & did my own workout downstairs.  I did a quick 5 minute warm up on the treadmill before doing 6 rounds of:
10 upright row – 20#
10 windmill (5 each side) – 20#
15 swings  – 40#
10 goblet squat – 20#

Then I did a few more strength & cardio moves before calling it a day.  I also went for a 35 minute walk on my lunch break since the weather was so nice!

Wednesday | Cycle
45 minutes = 15.5 miles.  Unfortunately, I don’t really care for this instructor but I have continued to go to this class because I really like cycling these days.  His music choices are pretty awful most of the time (Good Charlotte, Fall Out Buy, Blink 182, etc.) so I try to ignore it.  Also, my mileage is always low because we spend a good portion of the class standing on the bike or he will add in a slow motion track.  He is nothing like the Monday instructor and doesn’t tell you what RPM to be at or how much resistance to put on.

30 minute walk on my lunch break.

Thursday |  TBC
It was nice to have class today after missing it on Tuesday!  This is a workout that we do pretty often in this class but I enjoy it.  I like doing different rounds for a set amount of time rather than an AMRAP as time goes faster!

First Round (Body Weight) – 6 Reps each- 9 minutes
Burpee to box jump
Mountain Climber Crawls
Curtsy/Bowler Lunges
V Up
Rope Climbs

Second Round (Barbell) – 8 Reps Each- 9 minutes
Clean & Press
Roll out (similar to using one of those ab roller things)

  • For reference:  I used a 15# bar with 7.5 kg plates on each side.  Obviously this is pretty light for squats & deadlifts but I feel pretty gassed after 8 clean & presses with this weight.

Third Round (Kettlebell) – 10 reps (or 5 & 5 for both side exercises)  We only did this two times through due to running short on time.
Swings 35#  (we didn’t have anything heavier to use)
Rotational Lunge 20#
Upper Body — biceps curl to overhead tricep extension 20#
Plank pull throughs  20#
Half Turkish Get Up  20#  (FYI-  These were so tough with a 20 pound kettlebell!)

Friday |  Rest.  Unfortunately the nice weather didn’t stick around & we got hit with snow today so no lunch break walk!

Whoooo, getting back into my weekly workout posts again.  I sort of fell off the wagon shortly after my first post… oops.  But now I’m going to get back into it!  I need to keep doing these posts so I have something to look back on when I need a workout to do.


  1. Jessie @ Just Jessie
    February 25, 2017

    Ughhhhhh bad cycle instructors are the worst. Or, rather, just a cycle instructor you don’t align with. I’ve had instructors before that are “good” but I hated their music or didn’t feel like they worked me hard enough and I noticed that I totally zoned out the whole time! Nice job with all the workouts this week! 🙂
    Jessie @ Just Jessie recently posted…Two Truths & A LieMy Profile

    1. Megan
      February 25, 2017

      Thank you! This instructor is okay & I still work up a sweat during his class but he’s just so opposite of the other one! A lot of the same people take both classes so it would be nice if they could align their styles slightly, if that’s even possible.


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