Weekly Workouts #4

Workouts for the week of March 4th through March 10th

Saturday |  Gym
Since I skipped out on the gym on Wednesday, I felt like I needed to do something today.  I did my own workout at the Y that I just kind of made up off the top of my head but focused on shoulders/biceps.  I use the Tabata Timer app on my phone and set it for 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.  So, kind of a tabata + 10 extra seconds.

#1 – Jump Rope  //  Shoulder Press
#2 – Burpee w/ Dumbbells  //  Biceps Curl– Hammer Curls & Side Curls
#3 – High Knees  //  Lateral Raise
#4 – KB Swings  //  Biceps Curl w/ Kettlebell
#5 – Bicycle crunches  //  Windmills –>  I only did 2 rounds of this before calling it a day.

Sunday | RIP
I went back to the gym across town just for a Body Pump-ish class.  I really don’t have much to report on this one as it was a pretty typical class!

Monday | Cycle
Also nothing crazy to report here.  I did 16.1 miles during the 45 minute class & felt like it wasn’t as tough as some other ones previously.

Tuesday | TBC
The Y has been doing a fundraiser this week with themed workouts so we had an 80s theme for class– 80s music & workouts involving ’80’.  The instructor broke it up into two parts:

(1)  Core Tabata – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds;  we did 4 different moves
– Plank Toe Taps
– Russian Twist
– Jack Knife
(there was a fourth one in here but I am seriously drawing a blank right now!)

(2) Strength –  Two exercises were listed & we had to do 20 reps before moving to the next one which was also 20 reps.  Each pair had to be done 4 times for a total of 80 reps each!

– Squat / Deadlift
– Shoulder Press / Bent Over Row
– Lunges / Hip Thrusts

I only got through those three before the end of class because 20 reps takes a long time!  Especially when you’re doing it four times.  It also didn’t help that my right quad was really acting funny.  I didn’t know if I pulled it doing one of the moves previously or if it was possibly sore from RIP or cycle.  Either way, lunges were SO painful that I could only do a few before giving up.

Wednesday | Active Rest.

I was SO sore from Tuesday’s class & knew I needed a break from the gym.  Instead, I went for a 1.5 mile walk on my lunch break since it was so nice out!

Thursday |  TBC
I’m not a fan of AMRAP workouts but this is one that I actually enjoy.  We’re set up with our own equipment but the perimeter of the room is like a circuit that you have to go around before starting the exercises over again.

20 KB swings
8 Clean & Press
8 (each) one leg squat/heel touch
12 Bent Over Row
20 Second Plank
8 Box Jumps
12 Pushups
8 (each) Lunges
4 (each) Windmills

1 lap around the room –  ladder, crawl, balance, and one stair run —  then start all over again!  We ended class with about 5 minutes of core and then two laps around the room again.

Friday |  Gym.
I had a pretty stressful morning at work so I kept going back & forth about going to the gym afterward.  By 4:45, I decided I needed to go release some of that stress.  I didn’t have anything planned out so I did whatever I felt like doing– weighted walking lunges, leg press machine, hip abductor machine, shoulder press, Arnold press, lateral raise, rear delts, lat pull down machine, and an 5 minute EMOM of 15 kettlebell swings using 45#.  It felt good to just lift weights & not do a crazy HIT workout like I normally do.  But… I also got bored very quickly.  Part of it because I didn’t plan anything out so I didn’t have anything to follow.  Another reason was the people.  The minute I decided I wanted to use the bars & dumbbells, so did everyone & their dog.  When I do my own HIT workouts at the gym, I’m usually off in my own little corner with my kettlebells and nobody bothers me!

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