TGIF… And 7 Years Bad Luck.

Hello!  Blogging at 8:00pm?  Sure, why not!  I’ve been completely MIA this week from the blog world because this week has been a little crazy.  

Monday & Tuesday evenings were pretty busy and I didn’t get home until late so that left very little time to do anything blog-related once I ate dinner, showered, and packed all of my bags for the next day.  And then Wednesday…..

Wednesday morning didn’t start out too good, obviously.  We have a very awkward driveway which means having to awkwardly park in our garage.  Our cars have to be at a certain angle so they fit properly as well as being able to back out without running into the concrete step on the side of the house.  So, I’m backing out of the garage like usual and I noticed that I was pretty close to the right side.  However, I’m always close but can usually get by without any issues.  I thought I could make it but clearly, I had a pretty poor judgement in distance.  Not to mention that I was also looking to my left to make sure I wouldn’t run into our fence.  Ugh.  I left work early to get a few estimates on it which ranged from almost $800 to a little over $400.  🙁  So, I think I’m going to be driving around with a broken mirror for awhile!  I never realized how much I used my side mirrors until I was driving in rush hour traffic on the highway & thought I was going to die.

So, this whole thing has left me in a pretty rotten mood this week & I’m struggling to shake it.  I spent nearly 30 minutes after work today trying to find my badge so I could get out of my parking garage.  I walked back to my office to search my cubicle, dumped out my purse, and still couldn’t find it anywhere.  I waited around a few minutes for the security guy to see if anyone turned it in but he never showed up so I went back to my car.  And then found it in between the seats.  *enter face palm emoji*

We splurged on dinner tonight & hit up the Runza drive-thru which we haven’t had in ages.  And took Sophie along for the ride because she needs to get out more!  I’m planning to take her to Petsmart this weekend to walk around & get her around people since she’s terrified of them.

Side note:  Along with the car causing my awful mood lately, I’ve been dealing with the worst cold sore I’ve ever had for over a week now that I know is going to leave a scar.  🙁 

I don’t know about you guys but I need some sunshine & consistent warm weather right now.  I know it would help cheer me up a little bit.  I was sitting outside at lunch on Monday while right now we are getting freezing cold rain that doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

I’ve been working my way through ‘All Is Not Forgotten’ which is due in a few days so that is how I will spend the rest of the evening.  Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer but it has been one of those weeks, ya know?  I need a do over!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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