Weekly Workouts #5

Workouts for the week of March 18th through March 24th

Saturday |  Rest.

Sunday |  Gym & Walking
It had been a minute since I went to the gym on a Sunday morning to do my own workout.  I skipped the gym last Sunday + I was doing Body Pump prior to that.  As much as I love laying around & drinking coffee, I also love getting my workout done for the day & not have to run errands until 4:00pm or later.  I got to the gym a little before 11:30, did a quick warm up on the elliptical + some stretching before doing a quick 25 minute HIT workout.  I found my inspiration from Pinterest & tweaked it a little to fit the equipment I had (perks to having the entire small group fitness room to myself).

Go through each set of moves 3 times before moving on to the next one:

10 KB Swings 40#
8 Bent Over Row (barbell)
8 Pushups

10 KB Swings
8 Clean & Press
8 Single Arm Push Press

10 KB Swings
10 Squats
10 Windmill

10 KB Swings
10 Good Mornings
30 Second Plank

In the evening, Curtis & I went for a 2.5 mile walk since the weather was beautiful!

Monday |  Cycle
Oof.  I only did 16.3 miles in the 45 minutes but felt like I did double that by the time class was over.   Possibly from my workout on Sunday.  I did pretty good during the first 15 minutes but then the instructor decided to do ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ and I think we were all dying by the end of it– it’s 8 1/2 minutes long!

Tuesday |  TBC
We did a quick circuit– two rounds for 12 minutes each– and holy moly!  It left me feeling pretty gassed by the end of it all.

Round 1
1 Stair Run /  12 Crunches  /  12 Pushups  /  12 KB Swings  /  12 each Lateral Box Jumps

Round 2
8 Burpees  /  12 Goblet Squats  / 12  Tricep Dips  /  12 Supermans

The last part of class was spent doing partner ab workouts that I don’t even know the names for.  We did plank hand taps, push your partners feet down & laterally, and then trying to knock a ball out of your partners hands while standing on one leg.

Wednesday |  Rest.
Kind of planned but also kind of unintentional which you can read about here.

Thursday |  TBC
We did a workout that was pretty similar to ones that we have been doing recently.  There were three rounds– cardio, strength, and core.

Round 1
5 Burpees
15 KB Swings
5/5 KB Snatch
8 Mountain Climbers
5 Box Jumps
1 Stair Run

Round 2
8 Clean + Press
8 Good Mornings
8 Renegade Row
8/8 Rotational Lunges
8 KB Biceps Curl to Overhead Tricep Extension

Round 3
4/4 Windmill
8 — I don’t even know the name for this because the instructor made it up– it was like a plank/body saw/mountain climber.
8/8 One Leg Bridge
8 Leg Lower
8 Russian Twist

The finisher was a 5 minute circuit around the room involving an agility ladder, broad jumps, balance board, and crawls.

Friday |  Rest.
So, I completely spaced last week’s post.  I don’t think I even started a draft.  I am SO ready for some nice weather to be able to get outside during work more often.  I was really hardcore into walking on my lunch breaks + working out in the evenings to make sure I fit into my wedding dress but I’m thinking about doing it again this year.  I have an hour for lunch which is plenty of time to do something.

Another thing– I’m thinking about giving up cycling.  As much as I’ve enjoyed it the past few months, I think I need to change things up again.  I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do but I feel like I need to get back into more weightlifting.  We will see…

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