Weekly Workouts #6

Workouts for the week of March 25th through March 31st

Saturday |  Upper Body
I knew I needed to work out to try to get out of the funk I’ve been in lately.  I wasn’t feeling a HIT workout like I normally do so I decided to do some upper body tri-sets after watching a recent Whitney Simmons video on YouTube.  But I mixed things up & did them all on a stability ball rather than the ground or bench.

#1  Chest Press / Overhead Lat Extensions / Tricep Extension
#2  Chest Fly / Overhead Lat Extensions (I love these!) / Skull Crusher
#3  Shoulder Press / Preacher Curls / Bent Over Rear Delts
#4  Side Raise to Front Raise / Hammer Curl — I ditched the ball & stood for this one.

After getting through three sets of each tri-set, I did 20 KB swings for some added cardio.  I did some upright rows on the Smith machine for awhile before calling it a day.

Sunday |  Glutes/Hamstrings
This workout started out being all tri-sets but I ended up doing super-sets after the first round.  I had deadlifts + good mornings in the same set and realized I can’t use the same weight for both of those moves.  I did all of these for 3 times.

#1  12 Donkey Kicks / Fire Hydrants / Hip Bridge
#2  10 Deadlifts /  Sumo Squats
#3  10 Good Mornings /  Regular Squats
#4  10 Bulgarian Lunges w/ bar /  Curtsy Lunges
#5  10 Glute Extension Machine /  Lateral Side Shuffle w/ resistance band (10 each side — we used to call these Cowboy Walks in the bootcamp classes I used to)
#6  10 Cossack Squat /  Starter Blocks — some of my favorite leg moves!

Monday |  Gym
I wanted to take it easy today.  I walked a mile on the treadmill and then spent the next 20-ish minutes doing different ab workouts since it was the only part of my body that wasn’t sore.  So, nothing crazy & I barely broke a sweat but it felt good to do something.

Tuesday |  TBC
We did a basic AMRAP involving core, strength, and cardio.

Core – 10 Minutes
– Windmill / KB Extension Crunches / Russian Twist / Bird Dog / Superman

Strength – 18 Minutes — Barbell & Kettlebells
– Split Squat / Shoulder Press / Single Leg KB Deadlift / Two Point Row / KB Swings / KB Snatch

Cardio – 12 Minutes
– Boot Strappers / Skaters / Shark Skill (these are weird, BTW) / Mountain Climber / Burpees / 1 Stair Run

Wednesday |  Rest.
I needed a break!  I was still SO sore from the Sunday leg workout.

Thursday |  TBC
Our workout was one that we haven’t done in quite awhile & it didn’t disappoint!  The room was set up with one exercise on each side of the room and a “travel” exercise to get from one side to the other.

Round 1:  Pushups / Walking Lunges / Box Jumps
Round 2:  KB Swings / Crawl / Core
Round 3:  Windmill / Sprint / Heel Touch (single leg squat while standing on box)
Round 4:  KB Rows / Lateral Jump / Mountain Climber
Round 5:  Squats / Stork Walk / (I honestly can’t remember what the last one was!)

Friday |  Rest.

This was the first week in three months that I hadn’t done a cycling class.  I’m thinking about giving it up all together.  My reasons for it are probably pretty silly for most people but I want to do a little “experiment”  (I also did something similar back in 2015).  While I thought cycling would help slim my legs, I think it has done the exact opposite because all of my pants have gotten rather tight over the past month or so.  And I don’t like it.  Genetically, I’m always going to have bigger legs & it’s something that I need to accept.  However, they don’t need to get any bigger than they already are!  And I can’t afford to buy all new jeans!

Other than that, it felt good to do some lifting sessions on Saturday & Sunday.  We’ve had some pretty gloomy weather for nearly two weeks now & lifting helped with my mood.  I think blasting the ‘Metal Party’ playlist helped too.  😉

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