Friday Favorites!

Hey hey!  Happy (finally) Friday!

This week seemed to go pretty fast but I’m still glad for another weekend.  I think this one will be a little more low key than the last one & I won’t be spending three days recovering again!

I already talked about the Eric Church concert earlier this week but I have to include the girls again in this post.  We don’t all get to see each other very much, especially as a group so it was awesome to get together again!  And I can finally announce that Jacquelyn (plaid dress) has baby #2 on the way!  🙂

We have had some pretty decent weather this week & I finally got outside to walk around Heartland Park during my lunch break yesterday.  I definitely need to get back into the habit of walking down here on my breaks.  I sit at a desk and tend to just get “stuck” there sometimes.  Like I know I need to move around but I just don’t!

So, nice weather = dresses!  I found this maxi dress last weekend at Forever 21 & couldn’t pass it up.  The store only had gray & coral but I just saw that there is a blue version online that I might need to get also!

I think Sophie may be going to her forever home next month!  I’ve been in contact with a lady in KC who is really interested in adopting her.  She currently has a female Beagle and wants to get a second dog so she has someone else to play with.  Sophie’s heartworm test came back negative last week thank GOD!  She is scheduled to be spayed on the 25th and then I think she will be ready to go!  I will probably bawl my eyes out the day that she leaves but I know she’ll be going to good home.  We have been hesitant to take in a another foster dog along with Sophie just because she is a lot of work all on her own!  As I’m typing this, she sitting behind me & crying because she wants to go into the bathroom.  This has been going on for over an hour now but she’s too scared because the fan is running.  She has become so obsessed with our bathroom that we have to keep the door shut most of the time otherwise she will be there all day.

Tonight, we are celebrating my stepsister’s 30 (!!!!) birthday.  Ah, I can’t believe how old we are getting!  🙁   The rest of the weekend will be pretty laid back & catching up on some cleaning.  The weather looks like it will be decent so I’ll try to get in some walks around the neighborhood!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Robin
    April 14, 2017

    I hope that Sophie can go to a forever home soon! One of our dogs was recently in a phase where she wanted to stare at the door of a closet in the hallway.

    1. Megan
      April 19, 2017

      I think she is pretty set to go to the home in KC next month! That’s very strange about your dog wanting to stare at the door?? Did you ever figure out why or ?


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