April Buys

Happy Monday!

First of all, I will point out the obvious & say that my purchases do not scream spring whatsoever.  Can you tell that I like black?  And plain stuff?  I realized this as I was putting the collage together & noticed that the palm print dress is the only thing that really sticks out.  Yikes, I think I need some more color in my life!

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1, 2, and 3.  Soft & Sexy High Neck Tank & Soft & Sexy Choker Top – $14.99 & $0 | I’ve had my eye the tank tops for quite awhile so when they finally went on sale, I picked up the black one in the store.  I loved it so much that I ordered the purple one along with the choker t-shirt over Easter weekend when they offered free shipping.  I had a gift card for my online order so didn’t pay anything!  

4. 90 Degree High Waist Capris – $13 |   These were on the clearance rack & I’ve been wanting another pair of leggings for working out. 

5. Old Navy Running Shorts – $16.94 + 30% off |  Only the best workout shorts!  I am glad that they came out with a few more designs this spring compared to earlier in the year.  Although I don’t care much for the floral patterns, this palm print isn’t too bad.  However, it’s way more subtle compared to the picture.

6. Jersey Swing Dress – $26.94 – 40% off |  Another item I’ve been wanting recently but didn’t want to pay full price.   Old Navy was having a deal where the entire store was 40% off so I think I paid around $16 for it.  (And then the next weekend, they had the entire store 50% off…. of course).  

7. Metallica Muscle Tank – $14.99 |  I saw this at Target & couldn’t leave with out it. 😛  #impulsebuy  They have some other band shirts that I want to get if they don’t all sell out!  

8, 9, and 10.  Tank Dress (Palm Print) – $9.88,  High Neck Swing Dress – $7.88,  Racerback Swing Dress – $7.88  |   I know, Walmart isn’t the place you really think to buy clothes but I absolutely LOVE their dresses.  Also, I don’t like to spend a ton of money on dresses since I can only wear them for about 4 months out of the year.   They run pretty big so I would definitely size down!

11.  Burnout Maxi Dress – $12.00 |  The website no longer has the gray dress which is the one I picked up in the store.  I wish they made this in more colors!  It is SO comfortable although I will say that it is a little see through.  

Not Pictured:  Choker Necklace – $5.99, SO Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Top, SO Active TankSO Sports Bra, and Union Bay Twill Shorts |  The choker necklace was from Forever 21 & I can’t find it on their website.  I’m wearing it on my main picture over on the left.  Kohl’s apparently doesn’t like the Polyvore website so I wasn’t able to add these to the collage.  I also couldn’t find the off shoulder top on there anyhow.  I still had a gift card left over from Christmas so I paid $0 for everything.  Plus the cashier was kind enough to give me 20% off my entire purchase even though I didn’t have the coupon with me.  

Also, I just remembered that I got a denim jacket & a denim vest from Plato’s Closet when I took some clothes there one day.  I got a whopping $8 for my clothes which I put towards my purchase.  The jacket was $18 and the vest was on sale for $4! 

Beauty Products

From Target:
E.L.F. Eyeshadow Primer (Pearl) – $1.99, Herbal Essences Sheer Moisture Shampoo – $5.99 |   I finally tossed an old eyeshadow primer last month & re-purchased a new one.  I don’t use it all the time but it’s nice to have around on the days that I do want to use it!  As for the shampoo, was there a memo that Herbal Essences is phasing out their other products?  I have always been a huge fan of their ‘Tea Lightfully Clean’ shampoo but didn’t see it in the store when I went to go re-purchase it.   This one looked pretty similar so I decided to give it a try.  

From Sally Beauty Supply:
Tanwise Self Tanning Spray (not pictured) – $10.99,  Tanwise Creamy Tanning Lotion – $6.99,  Tanwise Self Tanning Face Gel – Free |  I’m a self tanning junkie so I went in to re-purchase the self tanning spray when they were having a ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ sale.  The tanning lotion & face gel are both new products for me and I LOVE them.  

From Ulta:
Sunless Tanning Mitt – $5.99,  NYX Stay Matte Powder Foundation – $9.99,  Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser – $8.49 |  I still had a gift card left over from my birthday so I didn’t end up paying anything for these products.  I was desperate for a new self tanning mitt as the one I’ve been using sucks.  I also needed some new face wash & decided to give this one a try.  I’ve been using a lot of cream cleansers & this one is more of a gel which I think works WAY better.  I don’t have a definite opinion yet since it’s only been a week!  Lastly, the powder foundation was something new to try for this spring/summer.  I tossed my old BB creams & haven’t been wanting to wear my heavy full coverage foundation lately.  I’ve used this a few times & I’m asking myself WHY I never tried it before!

Not pictured:   Bath & Body Works ‘At The Beach’ Body Spray – $14.50 + 20% off coupon |    I normally don’t buy body sprays from B&BW because I’m cheap but I could not pass this up as soon as I smelled it (and waited until the 20% off coupon started).   This is like the body care version of their Honolulu Sun hand sanitizer which I LOVE.

This was not a typical month for me as I normally do not make this many purchases throughout the month.  But, I had three gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket & wanted to put them to use!  I also wanted some new dresses to wear to work because I’ve recently discovered that they are ridiculously comfortable while sitting at a desk all day.  I’ve never been a dress person before so I don’t really own any!  I plan to majorly calm things down this month although I may buy a few things for our St. Louis trip next month. 

Have a great day everyone!  Linking up with Fran for Budgeting Bloggers!


  1. Jess
    May 2, 2017

    I love the American Eagle super soft line. I really need to get back there because all I ever want to wear are soft things haha! The choker component is a cool take on a plain tee. And I never knew that you could make collages in Polyvore! Duh! haha

    1. Megan
      May 3, 2017

      It had been a LONG time since I bought anything from American Eagle but they seem to be stepping things up lately! I learned that about Polyvore not too long ago. And it helps to have the plug in for your browser to be able to save whatever item you want instead of searching for it on there (most of the time they don’t have it anyway)!


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