Foster Pup Update – Month 4 & 5

I decided to group the last two months together as I really didn’t have much to update on at the end of March.  I think my last post about Sophie covered a lot of her progress & behaviors so there wasn’t much that had changed within the month.

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The first week of March, Sophie went in for her second & third heartworm treatments.  They do these treatments back to back so she had to go in on Thursday & Friday morning.  We picked her up Thursday night because she was pretty anxious at the vet so she was able to kind of relax at home.  The entire weekend, she was pretty groggy and slept quite a bit most likely because she was back on all of the same medications as the month before (tramadol, prednisone, and a muscle relaxer).   This time they had to shave the other side of her back for the injection making a nice little bald square right above her bum.  

After the shots, she also started spending time in her kennel which is something that she had never done for as long as we have had her.   She would willingly go in there & nap when all this time she has avoided it like the plague.  Unfortunately, this didn’t last too long as she’s back to kind of fighting us whenever she has to go in it.  Side note:  She normally has a fluffy bed that she sleeps on in the kennel but because of the prednisone, she was having more accidents in the kennel so she had a towel instead.  

Within a week & a half, she was acting like her normal self and was feeling much better.  It was around this time that she finally started playing with the plush toys that we’ve had for her the entire time she has been here.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw her carrying this little frog around!  Our guest bed became one of her favorite hangouts with all of her toys.

Until she discovered the bathroom….

Yes, she brought all of those toys into the bathroom with her…

One evening while I was still at the gym, Curtis was home and couldn’t find Sophie anywhere in the house until he saw her shadow in the bathroom.  This started about mid-March and she has continued to spend most of her time in the bathroom.  She lays on the bath mat which is also right in front of our heater.  When we’ve had the furnace on, she lays there & soaks up all of the heat.  We’ve since turned the heater off but she will still hang out there.  She gets so sad & cries whenever we wash the bath mat because she doesn’t have anything to lay on!  She is such an anxious dog so I think the bathroom makes her feel safe.  It has gotten to the point where she sometimes won’t eat unless her food is in the bathroom.   Sure, it’s a little strange but we just let her stay in there.  

She doesn’t care for selfies….

Sophie is definitely more attached to me than Curtis.  She still cowers whenever he gets close to her and she won’t sit by him on the couch or our bed.  She will sit next to me without any issues or run to me to “save” her if Curtis gets too close.  I think she is more comfortable with women than men which is kind of unfortunate.  Makes me think that maybe she was abused by a man so she doesn’t trust them?  

The first week of April, she went back in to the vet for a blood test to see if the heartworm treatment was successful.  And… it was!  She was heartworm free!  This also meant that she was off the leash restriction so she was able to run freely around the backyard which she loves doing (I mean, I don’t blame her!).  She had been on the leash for two months so wasn’t in as good of shape as before but still ran sprints around the yard.

Socialization is still a major work in progress.  She barks whenever she sees our neighbor in her backyard and barks whenever we have people over.  She does perfectly fine if she is in the same room as the strange people in the house but if she’s in another room (like the bathroom or back of our kitchen), she freaks out.  This is definitely going to take some time for her!  As for other dogs, she did SO much better when we watched Judd for a few hours at the beginning of April.  She was curious & wanted to play with him rather than nip at his face like she did with Luna.  We haven’t taken in any other fosters or dog sat again to see how she would do overnight again.  

Sophie had her spay surgery last Tuesday as well as a tooth extraction & cleaning.  This was the last of her procedures THANK GOD.  Unfortunately, she is back on the leash whenever she goes outside due to her incision but only for a few more days.  She was pretty groggy the day of her surgery but after that, she was back to normal!  

We also started letting her sleep in our bed at night which is something new.  She has always slept in the kennel for as long as we have had her but I always felt so bad putting her in there.  🙁  She has gotten much better when it comes to being able to roam the house & has been fine with being out of the kennel at night.  Unfortunately, she likes to wake me up in the middle of the night to let me know she is thirsty.  Our bed is super high so she will scratch at the edge of the bed & cry to let me know she wants down.  

In other news….. Sophie has been adopted!  The first part of April, I was in contact with a lady who lives in Kansas City that was really interested in her.  She had adopted another beagle a few months back & was looking for a second dog for a “friend” for her first pup.  We talked a long time on the phone about Sophie & all of her quirks.  Even after all of that, she was still interested & wanted to keep working with her.  I don’t have an exact date yet but I think she will be leaving here very soon!  I know she wanted to wait until she was fully recovered from her surgery.  

You guys, I don’t know how I’m going to handle her leaving.  Even though she has been A LOT of work & continues to have major anxiety issues, I love her to pieces.   However, it sounds like she is going to a good home & will be with someone who has more time for her.  We’re gone most of the day so she’s home by herself without much to do.  Plus she will have a friend to play with!  I didn’t think I would be as sad about her getting adopted as I was about Luna but the more I think about, the more I start to tear up!  Happy tears, of course.  🙂    

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    May 3, 2017

    Love this so much!!!!
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    1. Megan
      May 10, 2017

      Thank you! I can’t believe we’ve had her for this long already!


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