St. Louis Trip – Car Issues, The Arch, Cardinals Game, and So Much Food.


As nice as it was to get away for while & visit a new city, it feels so so good to be home!  My shorts are feeling a little snug & I know my workout this evening is going to absolutely suck but you know what… yolo.  (Or whatever the kids say these days).  We have zero plans the rest of the week/weekend which will be glorious.  Not to mention sleeping in a real bed since we slept on an air mattress the entire time we were there.  

Anyways, let’s get into it!

The day before we left was a bit of a whirlwind!  I went to work while Curtis took the day off to run some errands only to have the tire rod on his car completely break off.  We were planning on taking his car to St. Louis because I still haven’t gotten my passenger side mirror fixed (yes.. I’m still driving around with a cracked mirror).  Since they couldn’t get his car fixed by the next day, we ended up taking my car but only after finding a stick on mirror at Walmart.  It’s not the best but better than nothing, I suppose.

I worked until 12 on Wednesday & headed home to finish packing.  We hit the road a little after 1:00 and didn’t stop until we hit Oak Grove, MO (east of Kansas City).  Curtis took over driving at that time & we made it to St. Louis just after 8:00.  We stayed with Curtis’ brother Marty and his girlfriend, Dawn.  Dawn was working when we got there so Curtis, Marty, and I went to Sasha’s for a super late dinner.   Thankfully it was happy hour so we got some cheap drinks & food!

We called it a night after we finished eating, mostly because we were planning on getting up super early the next day for some sight seeing.  Thursday morning, Marty dropped us off downtown where we hit up Kaldi’s for some coffee and then walked over to the Arch.

Unfortunately, a lot of the area around the Arch was under construction so there wasn’t much to do/see.  They had the grassy area underneath fenced off too.  We had purchased tickets for 9:20am the night before but they were doing maintenance on the one tram they had open (the other one was down for maintenance as well).  We ended up waiting almost an hour before we were able to finally go in! 

The tiny weird door you have to go through to get into the tram
There is a nice window in the tram as you go up the Arch. Not scary at all…. yeah, no.

The Arch was kind of terrifying.  I am deathly afraid of heights so I didn’t spend much time looking out the windows!  Once we finished there, we walked over to Busch Stadium as we also had tickets for the Cardinals pre-game event which started at 10:15am.  Basically, it was an all you can eat/drink for 2 hours before the game.  It was $30 per person but when you think about how much things cost at the stadium, it was worth it!  I mean, one beer at the stadium costs about the same as a 12 pack.  Even a pretzel was nearly $10!  Ridiculous!    

I missed the red shirt memo this day…

After the game, we walked around downtown for a minute & then over to Marty’s office to get a tour + a ride back to their house.  And then we laid around for while.  Rigby pretty much sums up how we felt after being out in the sun & walking all day!  

For dinner that evening, we hit up Atomic Cowboy (minus Dawn since she had to work again) which was SO good.  I had eaten so much at the pre-game event before the baseball game so I couldn’t even finish this.  I also got the jalapeno cornbread which you can see a teeny tiny sliver of in this picture.  SO SO good!  

Not the best framed picture but I loved the sign for the neighborhood!

We were spent by the time we finished eating.  It had been a LONG day so we just went back to their place for the rest of the evening.

I think I’m going to wrap up this post here!  I have way too many pictures to group together into just one or two posts for all five days we were there.   I’m heading out shortly for a 45 minute Body Pump class which I think will be a good way to get back into my workout routine again, especially after all the carbs & beer this last week.  Have a great rest of the day!

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