Friday – Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Hello and happy Friday!  I’m taking a break from the St. Louis recap posts to join in on some Friday favorites today!  I’m planning to get a few errands done today so that I can enjoy these last few days of vacation before going back to work again on Monday.  I will say that a week & half off from work has been GLORIOUS.  I need to do it more often!  🙂  

After a week of not doing ANY sort of exercise + eating junk, I was really feeling it!  I hit up a Body Pump class for the first time in months which was a good way to get back into my routine.  Yesterday, we went to the 12:15 TBC class and pretty much died!  The trainer decided to do one of the toughest workouts – a 300.  Their version of a 300 involves doing 20 reps of different exercises and then running the stairs once;  then 15 reps of everything & running stairs twice;  then 10 reps & running stairs three times;  finally 5 reps & running stairs four times.  Doesn’t sound bad when written out but when you have to do 20 burpees & then immediately run the stairs 4 times, it’s kind of ridiculous.  Oh, and by running stairs, I mean running up & down three flights.  I’m super sore after all that so I might take it easy today.  🙁  

We renewed our Costco membership a few weeks ago & stocked up on some things when we got back from our trip.  Including this 4 pack of Halo Top pints for only $11.99!  Just one pint is normally about $5 (regular price) or $4 (on sale) at our regular grocery store so we definitely had to pick this up.  I haven’t had any Halo Top since my dairy-free venture at the beginning of May!  

We also went to Aldi for the first time yesterday!  I don’t know why we’ve never shopped there before because we got a lot of good stuff for an amazing price.  

I found a pair of slip on sneakers at H&M in St. Louis for only $18 and passed them up.  You think I can find them online?  Of course not.  I plan to hit up the one here but I doubt they will have them!  I’ve been wanting a new pair for quite awhile now but have been super picky!  The ones I thought I wanted from Target were a disappointment as they were super uncomfortable just walking around the store.  So now it’s between these three….


Sunday marks our one year anniversary!  I can’t believe it’s been a year already!  The day went by so quickly after months of planning but it was so much fun.  I wish I could do it over again!  Minus the heat…. I love hot weather but 100 degrees + a heavy dress was NOT fun.  

Lastly, I wanted to share that my friend Alice just launched her blog last week & I’m so so excited for her!  Check it out:  A Silver Lined Life.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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