St. Louis and KC – Botanical Gardens, Tacos, METALLICA, Forest Park, and Royals Game

Alright, back to my St. Louis recap posts!  You can check out Part One and Part Two here.  

Saturday morning, we slept in & got ready to head over to the Botanical Gardens as we had been told by a few people that it was a free day.  Well, it was not.  I mean, it was for St. Louis residents (which we were told that all we had to do was say the zip code & would could get in) but they were checking IDs.  It was still pretty neat to spend some time there & see everything.  It’s kind of crazy that I’ve been to the gardens in Denver and now St. Louis but have never been to the one here in Omaha!  

We didn’t spend a ton of time at the gardens as it was already super hot/humid which made it kind of exhausting to walk around.  For lunch, we hit up Imo’s for some St. Louis style pizza — which I had never heard of before this trip!  It doesn’t look very appetizing but it was actually really good!

After lunch, we went to the mall so I could browse through Nordstrom since we don’t have one here.  Then we stopped at Nordstrom Rack because again, we don’t have one here either!  Then it was back home to relax & get ready for the evening.  The four of Uber’d to the Soulard neighborhood for dinner at Mission Taco which was delicious.  After that, we walked over to a bar that was having karaoke and we stayed there for a good three hours.  Marty & Dawn did a lot of singing but Curtis & I DID NOT.  🙂

Sunday morning, we got up & had brunch at Rooster before heading over to the Metallica pop up store.  We walked through but didn’t buy anything.  The day had actually started out to be a beautiful day — sunshine, minimal clouds, etc.  They had been predicting rain off & on for the past two weeks (I was checking the weather for this day religiously) and it looked like it would almost pass the city.  And then a ridiculous thunderstorm rolled in around 3:30 and it was down pouring like crazy!  The storm went on for quite awhile but we still planned to get to the stadium around 5-ish.  Curtis picked up some ponchos at Walgreens while I was still getting ready and they ended up being a life saver!  It was still sprinkling when we got to the stadium but stopped for a minute so we could take a decent picture.

And then the rain started again.  Not a torrential down pour or thunderstorm like earlier in the day but enough to need the ponchos.  Thankfully it was pretty warm outside during the rain so it wasn’t that bad.  Local H was the first band to play at 6 but we skipped out on that & did some walking around the inside part of the stadium.  Volbeat played at 7 so we braved the rain & listened to them up until their last few songs.  The rain let up a little before Metallica started but they still ended up being delayed about 45 minutes.  They played a good 2 hours and it was AMAZING.  I know I look nothing like a metal head but they have been my all time favorite band since I was 14.  

I’m SO happy to have pictures from this concert!  I saw them in 2008 when they came to Omaha which was long before I ever got a smart phone.  I had brought my camera with me to the concert, got up to security, and was told that they would have to either confiscate my batteries or I would have to take the camera back to the car.  I ended up giving them my batteries because I didn’t want to walk all the way back in the freezing cold!  So, I never got ANY pictures from that concert.  

Monday was a little rough after the concert so we took it easy.  We went to Crave for some coffee and then got ready for the day.  For lunch, we went back to The Hill neighborhood to Gioia’s Deli.  We really didn’t have much planned for the day so we headed back to Marty & Dawn’s place after lunch before deciding to spend some time at Forest Park.  It was super hot so we didn’t stick around too long.

For our last night, we all went out to dinner at Pastaria for some more pizza and then dessert at Ted Drewes.  I thought Culver’s custard was good but it is nothing compared to this stuff!  

Tuesday morning, we slept in a little, got ready, finished packing everything, stopped at Crave for some coffee again, and hit the road to Kansas City.  We had gotten tickets for the Royals game that evening & a hotel for the night as I don’t think either of us would have been able to stay awake to drive the 3 hours back to Omaha from KC.  

We went straight to Arthur Bryant’s for a late lunch as soon as we got into town.  And then WE GOT TO SEE SOPHIE!  (No, I didn’t take any pictures….)  I’ve continued to stay in contact with Anita since she adopted Sophie last month.  I asked her if we could stop by & finally meet in person + see Sophie again which she had no problem with!  It was so nice to meet her and spend some time with Sophie again… except her new name is Rosie!  🙂  She seems pretty happy in her new home too and I think having another dog to show her the ropes has helped her tremendously.  

After saying goodbye, we headed to the stadium for the game & watched the Royals come back to win!    

We headed back to Omaha bright & early on Wednesday morning –  and that is the end of our trip!  As I mentioned last week, it felt so good to be home but it was also nice to get away from Omaha for awhile.  Maybe next year will finally be our tropical vacation that we’ve talked about doing!  

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