Nothing But A Hound Dog…

Meet “Bud” the Basset Hound!  We picked him on Thursday evening as he was surrendered to the rescue from a breeder in Missouri.  We found out last weekend that they were actually getting FOUR bassets so we agreed to take one in.  The foster coordinator has known we’ve been wanting a basset for quite awhile now but they haven’t had any in awhile.  Nobody knew the temperament of these dogs or the condition that they would be in until they arrived.  After getting his paperwork & doing some Google searching, I learned that he may have been a puppy mill dad.  Of course their website doesn’t say it’s a puppy mill so who knows for sure.  Based on his behaviors, it’s clear that he wasn’t very well socialized, cowers when you go to pet him (or runs away), & needs a lot of training.  

When we got home, we walked with him around the front yard as we still had our other foster dog, Mackenzie, and had to try to wrangle her before bringing him inside.  Due to the stories we were told about her not liking (and attacking) other dogs, we decided to keep them separate the entire time.  While she was out in the back yard, we brought Bud inside and immediately put him in the basement.  We have a pocket door in our kitchen by the basement steps so we were able to shut that in order to keep Mackenzie from going down there.  She was completely oblivious the entire night & had no idea that we had another dog in the house.  He paced for awhile in the basement before finally tired himself out & laid down.  We had to keep a leash on him due to him being so skittish.  

He did end up peeing on the carpet while down there but that was kind of expected.  He was so scared!  We gave him some food & water but he didn’t want anything to do with the food (again, also kind of expected).  Around 10, we decided to put him in the kennel where he slept the entire night without making a peep until 6am.  That was when Mackenzie realized there was another dog in the house because he started barking while in the kennel.  We took him outside where he peed almost immediately so we figured that the barking was his way of letting us know he needed to go out.  Once we brought him back inside, he went back downstairs to the basement where we just let him wander.  And… then he pooped on the carpet.  Ugh.  

Thankfully, I took Friday off from work shortly after we found out we were getting him Thursday night.  I wasn’t sure how the two would get along (if at all) and didn’t want to be a zombie at work if it was a sleepless night.  Since Mackenzie’s new owner was coming back from vacation, we arranged to drop her off at the dog daycare where her the lady works at & she would be picked up there later in the day.  So, I brought her in around 8:00 that morning, picked up some more carpet cleaner, and spent the rest of the day with Mr. Bud.  I blocked off our back kitchen area while I did some dishes, swept, and showered since I wasn’t sure how he would do wandering around the house.  

Unfortunately, things ended up getting a little hairy shortly after I brought him back inside after walking around the back yard.  I let him walk around the house but still on the leash while I kept an eye on him.  I was standing next to him when he ran into a gate I had propped up against the wall and it started to fall down.  I jumped to grab it which scared the crap out of him.  At this point, he spent the next 25-30 minutes barking at me.  Like, he would follow me around the house and bark at me.  

Honestly, I was a little nervous to get near him as I wasn’t sure if he would try to bite me so I just let him bark.  And bark some more.  It was awful.  I broke down & cried for awhile because I felt so bad and had no idea what to do.  Eventually he stopped but he was so on edge after that fiasco.  That afternoon, I brought him in the living room with me and sat down on the floor with him where he passed out for about 2 hours!

I was able to get him in to the vet that afternoon for a check up.  His paperwork said that he had possible ear mites and would need his teeth cleaned.  However, the vet thought that his ears were just extra dirty rather than ear mites and his teeth looked decent.  He did end up having a UTI which I had them check as I suspected he had one.  Other than that, his visit went very well!  

Slowly but surely he is starting to warm up to us.  He is still very very skittish but also curious.  He likes to follow us around the house to see what we are doing but he will get scared and run away if we move too fast.  For those of you who have been around the blog & remember Sophie, he’s kind of the male version of her.  Except he doesn’t hide under the table or in the corner and just barks whenever he gets scared.  We have to keep the leash on him at all times otherwise he’s pretty tough to catch even with those short little legs!  This was him yesterday morning watching me get ready for work (he’s not barking at me but his mouth was open for some reason).  

We have been keeping him in the kennel while we re are gone and also at night.  He sleeps in it throughout most of the night but he will bark to let us know that he needs to go outside.  This was 6am on Friday; 5:30am on Saturday; didn’t wake up at all on Sunday until we got up; and then 4:30am on Monday morning.  He does okay while we are gone & we have been keeping a radio on for him for some background noise.  Since the basement was his first experience in our house, he seems to favor being in the kennel down there compared to anywhere else.  Sunday night, we put his kennel in our kitchen for him to sleep and he was not having it.  As soon as we put it back in the basement, he was fine.  

He definitely favors Curtis over me at any time.  There will be times where I look at him and he will start barking at me.  Or if I give him a treat, he will bark at me.  But he doesn’t do any of that to Curtis.  He will even walk up to Curtis when we’re sitting in the living room but he stays far away from me!  I think he’s holding a grudge from when I scared him with the gate on Friday.  😉   I’m going to have to win his trust by lots & lots of treats.  I almost need to have them with me at all times!  

Lastly…. we officially changed his name to Louie!  But we’re keeping Bud as his nickname.  🙂  

Sweet Little Ones


  1. I hope he adjusts. he’s so cute!
    kathy @ more coffee, less talky recently posted…UpdateMy Profile

    1. Megan
      July 22, 2017

      Right! He’s got the cuteness going for him but other than that, he’s been quite a handful!

  2. Sierra
    July 18, 2017

    Bud is so adorable. I hope he comes around. I give you so much credit for doing this because I’m sure it can’t be easy. Beautifully Candid
    Sierra recently posted…Being Basic-Tee In PinkBlushMy Profile

    1. Megan
      July 22, 2017

      Thank you! 🙂 Fostering can be very difficult, especially when you don’t know what the dog will be like. Our last foster was wonderful because she was so well trained & socialized while Mr here is the complete opposite. It’s rewarding when you see them learning & making strides from where they originally started out.

  3. Laura
    July 20, 2017

    Love that you do this! 💜💜

    1. Megan
      July 22, 2017

      Thank you! It can be tough some days but also very rewarding when you see that they are getting comfortable & learning!


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