Week In Numbers

Happy Monday!

Last week was rough.  SO rough.  I’m hopeful that things will start to turn around this week.  Rather than writing a huge novel of everything going on, I figured a numbers post would sum it all up!  

2  – Number of times I made it to the gym/bootcamp.  This is not normal for me but lack of sleep = no energy.  

12 –  Total hours of sleep I got in three days (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday night).  Let’s just say that our foster pup is not adjusting very well, especially at night.  Don’t let this cute face fool you;  he turns into a spaz as soon as the sun sets!  

3 –  Number of times I cried out of frustration, stress, and lack of sleep.

8 –  Drinks consumed Friday evening after a long week.  We went out to celebrate a birthday with some of Curtis’ friends & ended up closing the bar down.  

1  –  The only item I wanted from the Nordstrom sale which sold out before I had a chance to grab it.  Maybe it’s a sign that I don’t need it, right?  The nearest store is 3 hours away so ordering online is the only way to go!  

3  – Window coverings that the pup destroyed in our kitchen.   Thankfully they were all from Walmart & not that expensive!  

4 –  Days worked last week.  I called in on Wednesday morning because I felt sick to my stomach & overall crappy.

100 –  Degrees outside most of last week.   We were in an ‘excessive heat warning’ & it was kind of wonderful.  Sure, I don’t like being outside for long periods of time when it’s that hot but I will take that over snow ANY DAY!  

I’m writing this on Sunday night & hopeful that this week will be better.  We’ve figured out some ways to better deal with the dog at night.  While it hasn’t been 100% effective in calming him down, it’s gotten a little better.  And sleeping with headphones helps too.  🙂  Have a great day everyone!  

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