Weekend – The time the dog ran away, poison ivy rash, and hacked account.

Happy Monday everyone!

Holy moly, can I have a do over of this weekend?  Even an extra day would be nice!  Friday evening started out just fine.  Curtis went to Arkansas to visit his grandparents with his mom and I had an appointment for Bud at the vet at 6:00.  He had to get a re-check of his urine to make sure that he didn’t need to be on the antibiotic anymore.  So we got in the car and headed over there.  He doesn’t like to ride in the back seat with me so he sat up front with me the entire ride over there.  

Once I parked, I knew as soon as I opened my door that he would want to come out the driver’s side.  He’s still extremely skittish about everything so I grabbed the leash (attached to his collar) before I opened the door just in case he tried to bolt.  Well, he did exactly as I thought.  Unfortunately, the end of the leash had gotten stuck in between the seat & the seat belt somehow which freaked him out as soon as he got on the ground.  He jumped around because it was caught + kind of choking him so I got on his level to pet him & calm him down before I tried to get the leash unstuck.  Well, as soon as I got back up to grab the leash, he started jumping around again and just losing his mind.  Before I knew it, he had completely slipped out of his collar — something that I was afraid would happen at some point.  I went to try to grab him before he could run away but he was too fast & snapped at me.  The vet techs must have seen the whole thing from inside because as soon as he ran from the parking lot, they were chasing him with a leash.  Dodge is the busiest road in Omaha and it was 5:45pm on a Friday evening so you can imagine the traffic.  He ran across all six lanes of Dodge TWICE without getting hit somehow.

So, it’s me & two vet techs running east down Dodge to try to catch him.  And I’m absolutely losing it.  I’m not a hysterical person at all but I was bawling, cussing, you name it.  Not to mention that I’m running in knock off $8 Birkenstocks but my adrenaline was pumping so it didn’t even phase me.  I ended up finally having to stop at 78th street while the vet techs continued running.  A guy in a pickup kept asking me what was going on and if we needed any help.  He kept telling me to get in the truck which I was honestly kind of hesitant to at first (hello, stranger danger!) but I did anyway.  Bud ended up going behind a strip mall along 78th street and the guy in the pickup kept yelling at me to get in to try to get ahead of him.  Since it was a busy time of day, there were a lot of people around & were able to direct us to where Bud was running because man, he was fast!  The guy in the pickup drove all the way to the apartments (in the grass, mind you) where we got ahead of Bud.  I got out and started to go after him because he finally slowed down but as soon as he saw I was behind him, he started sprinting again.  In hindsight, I should have had the leash or some kind of rope to lasso around him because trying to go up to him just scared him even more.

And this continued through the neighborhood.  He would get tired, slow down, but then take off again as soon as someone was near him.  There were random people trying to grab him or stopping to see if we needed any help but it was no use.  I chased him through back yards while pickup guy followed along on the road.  


The highlighted part along Western Ave. is where he finally stopped.  That is the Papio Creek where he ran all the way down the embankment and into the water.  At this point, it was just me & the guy in the pickup going after him.  One of the vet techs showed up shortly after and then another girl who was in the area stopped to see if we needed any help.  I was on the grassy side while the other side was the Keystone Trail so there were a lot of people running/walking along it & stopped to see if they could help.  At this point, it had been about 30 minutes and I hadn’t called Curtis or the rescue yet because we hadn’t stopped moving!  I called both of them & was completely hysterical on the phone.  Then I called the Humane Society but they said it was a “low priority” call so they weren’t going to send anyone out to help. 

For a dog that is afraid of everything, he was completely fearless & went straight into the water where he swam up & down the creek for almost an hour an a half.  He would stop swimming and stand on along the edge of the water near an area that looked a LOT deeper and also had what appeared to be a culvert on one side which I think freaked him out.  So, he would turn around and start swimming back towards Western Ave.   The vet tech ended up getting in the water and tried to lasso him with a leash but he was too quick.  After a good 30 minutes or so, she ended up going back to work after I called the humane society while we stayed to keep an eye on Bud before more people showed up.

Shortly after that, a few people from the rescue showed up.  One of them had a leash & ended up getting in the water also!  I called the Humane Society a second time and said that he was in the water but all they could tell me was that it was still a low priority and they “don’t get in the water to catch an animal”.  There were quite a few people around the area by this point that helped out or at least helped point us to where he was going.  If he would turn around & start swimming one way, we would throw rocks in the water or yell at him to get him to turn around and swim the other way.  After what felt like forever, they were able to get him cornered in the creek.  I didn’t get in the water but I was along the edge of the creek.  There was a guy that was biking down the trail & stopped to help us.  He ended up getting in the water & kind of chased after him to help get him cornered.  Bud finally started to get tired & slowed down A LOT.  The biker guy was able to sort of lasso him and get him off to the side of the creek.  The embankments were SO steep and Bud was really tired so they had to kind of walk down the creek close to Western Ave. where it was less steep.  They were in the grass along the side so I was able to get a second leash around him and he walked up the side on to the grass right by the small pine tree in the last picture.  Another person with the rescue showed up just as soon as he was out of the water and helped transport him back to the vet where he got checked out (and also checked for the original reason he was supposed to be there!)

Other than shaking like a leaf and being completely soaked, the vet thought he looked pretty good and didn’t want to keep him overnight because of his anxiety with kennels these days (that is a story for another day).  She prescribed xanax to give him to help him relax also.  I was able to get him in the car and home without any problems.  I ended up parking in the garage rather than the drive way so if he tried to run, he would only be in the garage or the backyard.  Once he was inside, I only let him in the kitchen because he was still wet & I was by myself so I didn’t think I could give him a bath on my own.  He gobbled down a bowl of food and laid on the bed in the kitchen while I tried to relax from the craziness of the night.  I did end up giving him a xanax around 11 because he has been getting very anxious during the middle of the night so I wasn’t sure how he would do.  Thankfully he ended up sleeping until about 5:15 before he woke me up to go outside.  

We took it easy on Saturday.  Bud was moving pretty slow the entire day so I imagine that he was pretty sore from all the running & swimming as he didn’t act like he was in any sort of pain.  I would let him outside & he would just lay down in the grass after he did his business.  Normally he does laps around the entire back yard but he wasn’t about that at all!

I, on the other hand, woke up to what I think is poison ivy rash (I’ve never had it before but I Googled it and it looks pretty much the same).  It’s mostly on my right leg but I also have it on top of my left foot, parts of the backs of my legs, and part of my left arm.  It also started showing up on Saturday night just above my left ankle!  My left elbow also started swelling up throughout most of the day Saturday which I have NO idea why.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure I have chigger bites on my legs as well.  UGH.   Thank goodness for Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream, and clear nail polish because this is miserable.  

And I was SORE AF.  I went to the gym on Saturday morning and just rode the bike for 30 minutes because everything else hurt too much.  

Sunday morning, I woke up to Curtis calling me and asking about a pending $72 transaction for some sort of movie/concert ticket place.  Of course I had no idea what that was all about so he called the bank & found out that my debit card had been hacked.  Wonderful.  This also happened last year right before our wedding but it was for plane tickets to Thailand for over $1,000 so it could have been worse, right?  (They never got the $1,000 thankfully).  WHY do people do this???  

It took everything in me to go to the gym in the afternoon.  I had slept in until 11:30am and didn’t make it to the gym until after 2!  I was still pretty sore from Friday night so I walked 20 minutes on the treadmill and did about 30 minutes of lifting.  I needed that even though I was so exhausted.  I made a trip to Target for some groceries, did some meal prepping for the week, and lots of laundry.  Curtis got home from his trip around 6:00 so we gave Bud a bath (because he still hadn’t had one after his adventure on Friday…) and spent the evening prepping for the week.  

As for Bud, he seems to be just fine.  He was still moving pretty slow on Sunday but didn’t seem to be as tired as the day before.  I got a new collar for him from the rescue which he shouldn’t be able to slip out of &  we are going to get a harness for him as well.

Lesson learned folks!  Keep your dog on a tight leash… or a harness!  Have a great Monday everyone!
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  1. Liz
    July 31, 2017

    Holy cow. That is insane! I can’t believe Bud swam for THAT long in the water! I’m also surprised you guys were even able to keep up with him while he was running to rescue him. That’s pretty amazing. I hope he ends up calming down and turning into a happier, less anxious pup with you guys. At least he ended up being calm on Saturday.

    1. Megan
      August 3, 2017

      Friday night was probably one of the worst nights ever! Haha, I felt like an idiot for not getting a hold of him better or not having someone with me to help out since he’s so skittish. He was swimming up & down that creek for what felt like FOREVER. I thought we were going to have to give up since the humane society wasn’t going to help. 🙁 I think he was pretty tired on Friday & Saturday from his adventure which is why he was so calm!

  2. That is so scary! I’m so glad your dog is OK, and you were able to catch him!
    Olya @ The Siberian American recently posted…Quick Thoughts: Our Maine BabymoonMy Profile

    1. Megan
      August 3, 2017

      It was AWFUL! 🙁 Probably one of the worst nights ever, haha. I’m SO thankful for the random strangers that stopped to help AND get him out of the water!


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