Currently [ August ]

Snacking (On)  |   I feel like anything & everything these days!  But, as of right now, I’m a huge Skippy peanut butter bites kick.  I love these things!

Anticipating |  The day that I get to sleep an entire night.  We have had Bud since July 13th and I think he has only slept through the night twice since then.  He seems to have an issue with nighttime because he’ll sleep for a few hours, wake up anywhere from 12am-3am, and then spend the rest of the night pacing, barking, and whining.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like having children because this is awful.  I’ve felt like a complete zombie the past two weeks! 

Perfectly calm during the day….

Borrowing |  Books!  My reading has slowed down A LOT this past month only because I’d much rather spend my free time sleeping.  I’m about halfway through ‘Every Last Lie‘ by Mary Kubica and determined to finish it before it’s due.

Admiring |   The kindness of complete strangers.  If you caught my post on Monday, then you already know all about this.  Long story short, Bud slipped out of his collar in the parking lot at the vet and ended up in a (very shallow) creek about a mile away.  A guy who was on the bike trail stopped, got in the water, and was able to get him out.     

Purchasing |  Curtis’ birthday is next Wednesday and I still need to get a gift!  I have a few ideas so just need to do some shopping.  🙂  

Have a great day everyone!  Linking up with Anne & Shea!