Summer Questions – TBB Asks

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I saw a few of these posts yesterday so I thought I would join in with The Blended Blog.  I’m a sucker for any kind of survey too!

Pool, Lake, or Ocean?  Well, I’ve never seen or been to the ocean before and pools are just too crowded so I’d have to go with lake.  It has been way too long since I’ve been swimming anywhere!

Camping, Cottage, or Hotel?  Hotel.  I’m not outdoorsy at all & you won’t catch me camping!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  Chocolate chip cookie dough.

PJs, Nightgown, T-Shirt/Shorts, or Birthday Suit?  T-shirt & shorts, always.

Favorite Summer Beverage   Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Would you rather be hot or cold?  Hot, for sure.  I hate being cold!

Sandals with heels or flats?   Flats all the way.  I tend to roll my ankle or fall over whenever I’m wearing heels.

Shorts or Skirts?  Shorts are way more comfortable.

Sit in the sun or the shade?  Sit in the sun.  Even though it’s so BAD for redheads but sunshine just feels so wonderful!

Water, Tea, or Soda?   Water.  Unless I’m really craving a Coke Zero or something.

Favorite Summer Fruit/Vegetable   Strawberries & sweet corn.

Sunrise or Sunset?  Sunset.  I’m never awake early enough to see the sunrise.

Bike Ride or Walk?  Walk.  Only because I don’t own a bike….

Winery or Brewery?  Brewery.  I like wine but beer is more my speed.

Garden or No Garden?  After this year, I’d say no garden.  I’ve managed to kill all the flowers I planted in planters and some of the flowers in our garden.

Big Summer Concert or Music in the Park?   Big summer concert.  🙂

Favorite Cookout Food?  Burgers.

Dine Indoors or Patio?  Patio.  It’s only nice a few months out of the year so have to make the most of it.

Favorite Summer Destination?  We don’t really travel much in the summer so I can’t answer this one.

Big Theme Park or Local Carnival?  Neither.  I’m too old for both of these!

Drinks Blended or On The Rocks?  On the rocks.

Popsicle or Freezie Flavor of Choice  Um… the blue one.  It’s been ages since I’ve had one of these!

Hot Dog or Hamburger?  Hamburger.

What are some of your summer favorites??