Weekend Recap- Snug Piercing, Pup Playdate, and the Eclipse!

Happy Monday!

I have today off from work as we are taking a quick road trip down south to visit Jacquelyn & Dayton and meet their new baby Weston.  They also live within the line of 100% totality for the eclipse so we’re going to spend the day with them & get to see the eclipse this afternoon.  

Even if I didn’t take the day off & went to work, they are allowing employees to go outside during the totality (Omaha will get to see 98% coverage) which I think is pretty cool.  

Anywho, let’s get on with the weekend!

After work on Friday, I went straight to Liquid Courage as it was the last day of their free piercing special.  My tragus was the last piercing I got back in 2011 and I’ve been itching for a new one so I had to get in!  They were going to go the entire month of August but cut it short so I got there as soon as they started at 5.  I knew I wanted something else on my ear and was going back & forth between an anti-helix, anti-tragus, or a snug.  I decided on a snug at the last minute!

The actual piercing itself & threading of the jewelry didn’t hurt too much.  BUT THE CLAMP… HOLY HELL.  WHY does that have to be the worst part?!  Once she had the jewelry in, I was good to go & the pain went away.  And I LOVE it.  So glad with my decision.  🙂  I think my next one will be an anti-helix.  The more I look at an anti-tragus piercing, the more I think that wearing headphones will be impossible.  It’s hard enough with the tragus ring!  

Curtis had a softball game that night so I went home after I finished at Liquid Courage and was going to grab Bud to take with me to the game.  He needs some socialization & a lot of people bring their dogs with them to games.  I fed him really quick & got everything ready to take with me.  As soon as I got him outside, he went nuts.  Even though he was on a leash, he was trying to run away from me and jumping all around.  I stopped to pet him to get him to calm down but as soon as I stopped, he started acting wild all over again & I had flashbacks of the night he slipped out of his collar.  Since I was by myself and didn’t want to have another adventure with him, I put him back inside and went to the game without him.  After their game, we grabbed a late dinner at Boondockers and then I headed home while Curtis played a second game at 9:30.

Saturday morning, I was up way too early after going to bed way too late.  Bud woke us up around 5:00am to go outside and didn’t really settle down the rest of the morning.  I decided to just get up & chug some coffee in order to wake up.  One of Curtis’ co-workers who also fosters for the same rescue brought over her beagle, Minnie, to play with Bud + see how he acts around another dog.  We think that his nighttime issues are related to being lonely as we don’t think he’s ever been by himself before.  

He was mostly curious about Minnie but they didn’t play together or anything like that.  I think if we had a dog here full time, it would help him learn how to be a “normal” dog & not so afraid of everything.

We took Minnie back home in the afternoon and ran a few errands, including Costco where we picked up a new dog bed.  The one that we’ve been using for Bud needed to go in the trash.  We got it home but he wasn’t so sure about it.  But then he got over it & now loves it.

Saturday evening, we had some friends come over to grill out and watch the Bud Crawford fight.  They left as soon as it was over & we called it a night.  Thankfully Bud slept all night & didn’t wake us up until almost 8am!  I think the new bed helped.  🙂  Curtis went to the gym while I slept until almost noon.  Ugh, I was SO tired from not getting enough sleep on Friday.  

We went to the grocery store and picked up some Real Good Pizza to try.  I’ve seen these online but hadn’t seen them in the store.  They were a little expensive (about $6.50 for this size pizza) but were actually really good.  Definitely worth the price if you’re craving pizza & don’t want to consume all the carbs.  

The rest of the day was spent doing some work, cleaning, and laundry.  It was kind of nice to have a Sunday where I’m not scrambling to do everything for the week.  Although I still did my usual meal prepping, self tanning, and bag packing just so I don’t have to waste time tonight getting it all done.  

As soon as we get back in town this afternoon, we have someone coming over to test our water & give us an estimate for a water softener system.  I’m so incredibly frustrated with how dry my hair has been and the condition of my hair has continuously gotten worse over the years.  I’ve used ALL different types of products but nothing seems to work which is why I think we need to invest in a water softener.  Cross your fingers that it isn’t too expensive.  

Have a great Monday everyone!  What are your plans for the eclipse?!

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  1. Liz
    August 21, 2017

    I wouldn’t even know how much water softeners could cost! We have pretty soft water. I was actually surprised, but it’s one of the things you have to know with cloth diapering. I’ve never even heard of that pizza! I’m going to have to look for it! That seems right up Jon’s alley with keto. I have invested in so many cat beds and none of our cats have ever slept in them. It’s totally pointless. Charleston is in the line of totality but it’s kind of cloudy today. Not sure what we’ll do. We didn’t get glasses to watch the eclipse so I’ll probably just snap some pictures. Maybe Jackson and I will play outside. He doesn’t really pay any attention to the sun yet, so I don’t think he’d try to look at it. Bud is so cute, but I would not be able to handle that lack of sleep from a dog! I’d lose my shit. You’re a good foster dog mom!
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    1. Megan
      August 23, 2017

      They are NOT cheap at all… if we wanted to do the entire house, it would be a couple grand. 🙁 But… they last a really long time & if it helps with hair, skin, cleaning, appliances, etc. I say it’s worth it! Yes, I think that pizza is fairly keto-friendly. It’s weird eating a chicken/cheese crust though & it’s not crunchy like normal pizza crust. It was cloudy the entire time we were visiting our friends for the eclipse but it was SO creepy when it got dark & you could see the horizon. And thank you! I feel like I am losing my mind for sure. I think we are going to take a long break if this guy gets adopted!


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