Senior Year Survey #throwbackthursday

With all the posts about everyone going back to school, I thought it would be fun to do a survey all about my senior year….  12 YEARS AGO!  

1.  Did you know your spouse then?   Nope.  We didn’t meet until college!

2.  Did you carpool back then?  No, I drove to school.

3.  What kind of car did you have?   At the start of the year, I was still driving my 1989 Mercury Cougar.  I loved that car but unfortunately, it had a lot of issues & was breaking down all the time.  Shortly after school started, I got a 2002 Honda Accord which was much more reliable!

4.  It’s FRIDAY night football, were you there?   Not usually.  I was working a lot at that time but would occasionally have to work concession stands to raise money for class events.  Those were usually fun nights!

5.  What kind of job did you have?   I worked at Runza, a local fast food chain.  I picked up a second job at Max Tan during the spring of my senior year.  I only worked a few hours per week cleaning tanning beds, doing laundry, and folding towels but I LOVED it.  If I could do that for a living, I totally would!

6.  Were you a party animal?   Nope.  Not part of the cool group to get invited.  Birthday parties were the extent of my partying.

7.  Were you considered a jock?   Nah.  I quit playing sports after freshman year.

8.  Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?  I was in band all through high school & the first few weeks of senior year.  #teamclarinet.

9.  Where you a nerd?  Pretty much!

10.  Did you get suspended?   Surprisingly no because I was late to school ALL THE TIME!

11.  Can you sing the fight song?  I don’t even remember how it goes!

12.  Where did you eat lunch?  I actually got done with school every day at 12:30 so I never ate lunch there.  I had enough credits to go half days but I also had to work 20+ hours a week in order to “qualify” for the time I was missing in school.

13.  What was your school mascot?   A clipper ship.   Yes, a boat was our mascot.

14.  If you could go back & do it again, would you?  Probably.  At the time, I hated school (hence why I chose to get done at 12:30 and go to work) but life was so much simpler back then.  I also wish I would have kept playing sports.  I loved volleyball but hated the politics of my school & how they favored certain people.  I wish I would have had the guts to say screw them & kept playing no matter what.

15. Are you planning on going to your next high school reunion?  We had a 10 year reunion last summer that I skipped out on.  Maybe I’ll go back for my 20 year!  

16.  Are you still in contact with people from high school?  Unfortunately, no.  I lived with a good high school friend after I graduated college but we haven’t talked in at least two years now.  BUT…  I’m still really good friends with Alice although we don’t get to see each other very often since she lives in Denver now!

17. Do you know where your high school sweetheart is today?  Somewhere in Omaha.

18.  What was your favorite subject?  History or English.  I liked history as a subject but my favorite teacher taught English.  He actually passed away over spring break of my senior year & it was pretty devastating for everyone.

19.  Do you still have your high school class ring?  Yes!  It needs to be cleaned up but I think I could totally get away with wearing it right now.  It’s not your typical looking class ring & looks more like a fancy piece of jewelry.

Tell me about your senior year!  Or if you’ve taken this survey, let me know!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. OMG college…that was EONS ago for me! i can’t even remember what it was like to be in college it was that long ago haha
    kathy @ more coffee, less talky recently posted…When You Feel accomplishedMy Profile

    1. Megan
      August 28, 2017

      Haha… right! I miss it sometimes but then other times I don’t!


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