Friday! New iPhone, Ikea, Foster Pup Progress, and Workouts

Happy happy Friday!!  

I am SO ready for a break and a day to sleep in this weekend.  I get to miss a few hours of work this morning for a check up with the dermatologist so hopefully all goes well.  But then it will be a scramble to get things done at work before the end of the day so I don’t have to come back to a ton of it on Monday morning.  Such is life, I suppose.


We just ordered the new iPhone 8 this morning!  I decided to go with all black this time instead of the white & gold.  While my 6 still works decent, the camera quality has really gone downhill.  Anyone else notice that with the 6?  Plus, I kind of want more space for all of my Spotify playlists.  🙂  


We FINALLY got the headboard from Ikea this past Sunday.  We hit the road a little after 9am and got to Kansas City around 12.  Since we were in kind of a time crunch to get back to Omaha, we didn’t spend much time in the store.  We didn’t walk through the showroom but did go through their Marketplace area and picked up a few shelves & decorations because we have been slacking when it comes to actually decorating our house.  

And then we picked up the beast before checking out & getting back on the road again.  We got home right around 5 so Curtis put together the headboard.  This also involved a trip to Home Depot for some risers to put underneath it (since we didn’t get the entire frame that goes with the headboard & our bed was too tall) but we FINALLY have something.  No more putting our phones, books, and lamps on the floor!   (Can you spot the pup bum?  He always follows me around so he had to get in the picture somehow)


In other news, BUD IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  SLEEPING.   Not getting up in the middle of the night to bark, pace, cry, whine, sob, etc.  And because he is sleeping, we are finally sleeping as well.  He’s still pretty anxious any other time but the fact that he’s not having night terrors is pretty awesome.  He & Apollo have become pretty good friends and it definitely solidifies our thought that Bud was just lonely.


I’ve been getting together with three other ladies at the gym on Tuesdays/Thursdays now to do our HIT group workouts now that we don’t have the regular class anymore.  And we all hate the Insanity class that replaced it.  Granted, none of us our trainers so we just kind of wing it but I am SO sore from this week.  Last night, we did our own version of a ‘300’ which is something we would do in class.  Except we run stairs in class but we could only run around the small track for our workout.


Am I too old for a backpack?  I have kind of had my eye on this one because I’m so sick of carrying a purse/tote bag.  I have a big tote that I use for work so I can put all of my water bottles, snacks, books, etc. but it’s starting to fall apart.  And I just hate carrying purses in general.  But I’m really drawn to this bag!  

Alright, time to wrap this up & get ready for the day.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. kathy @ more coffee, less talky
    September 15, 2017

    i love that headboard!! i esp love those little cubbies for storage.

    Glad that Bud is now sleeping (as are you) and that he’s starting to adjust a bit better.

    1. Megan
      September 17, 2017

      It’s so much better than putting all of our stuff on the floor! We have an older house so the rooms weren’t built to fit a king size bed & this was the only thing that would work in our room! And yes, the sleeping has been wonderful. Crazy to think that just having Apollo in the room has helped him sleep through the night.


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