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My reading slowed wayyyyy down in July so I’m putting the last two & a half months together into one post.  In other news, I finished my reading challenge for 2017!  I set 25 as my goal thinking it would be tough to reach as I’ve been SO out of the reading habit these days but I actually reached it in August.  

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

I really liked this one & finished it within a few days because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened.. even though it was kind of obvious shortly after learning the truth about Marco.  I don’t usually get too connected to characters in books but at first, I felt so bad for Marco and then when I found what actually happened, I couldn’t stand him.  This book wasn’t terrible although you could pretty much figure out what would happen within the first 100 pages.  

Every Last Lie – Mary Kubica

Nope nope nope.  Mary Kubica’s books just continue to go downhill with this one being the worst.  It was not “thrilling” in any way and in fact, I was kind of annoyed throughout most of this book.  I powered through it in hopes of the ending being something shocking or a twist but no.  Nothing.  Do not recommend.

Are You Sleeping – Kathleen Barber

Despite some of the reviews saying that this book wasn’t anything special, I actually really liked it.  At first, I wasn’t so sure about all the social media parts but it kind of added to the entire story since it revolved around a podcast.  But then I really got into the book and the social media aspects didn’t bother too much.  Overall, I enjoyed the book and thought the entire back story was really interesting.  I wouldn’t read too much into the reviews if this book sounds like something that would interest you.

All The Ugly & Wonderful Things – Bryn Greenwood

I had this book on my hold list at the library forever as it seems like all of Omaha wanted to read this book also.  I couldn’t even remember what it was about when I finally picked it up & started reading it.  I felt like the story started out a little slow & hard to get into.  But then I took the book with me on our trip down to see the eclipse and devoured it.  I don’t normally have an emotional reaction to books but this one really stuck with me.  For those of you that have read this book & know the back story, part of me feels like a creep because I know that Kellen & Wavy’s relationship was totally wrong yet I couldn’t help but want to know what happened to them.  

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

After seeing so many bloggers review this book, I put it on my hold list right away.  This type of book isn’t something I would normally read but I need to step out of my horror/psychological comfort zone.  Emotionally, this was a very heavy book to read but unfortunately, this is our country.  I think it’s an important book for everyone to read.  

Seed – Ania Ahlborn

The name of this book basically tells you what the story is about — a demon seed that gets passed on through the generations.  This was a fairly short book that kind of reminded me of “The Omen” movie.  As in, it involves a child who seems to be possessed by something devil-ish and then goes on a killing spree.  I kind of wish this book would have delved into how this demon came about as I feel like it would explain things a little better but it didn’t.  Even if you like horror books, I don’t know if I would recommend this as it was kind of dull, honestly. 

The Neighbors – Ania Ahlborn

My library was wonderful & granted my request to order more Ania Ahlborn books.  However, I was pretty disappointed by this one. For one, she continuously switched between the main character’s first name ‘Andrew’ and ‘Drew’ sometimes within the same sentence and it drove me bonkers.  Red & Harlow were like Ward & June Cleaver on steroids.  Well, moreso Harlow who seemed to “crave” the hunt for young men because of her past experiences but Red allowed it to happen.  This book just felt so out there and kind of hard to really get into.  

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