The Pups Are Going HOME!

Good morning!

I wanted to get this posted yesterday but there were just too many things to do Thursday night & not enough time to get everything done!  Anywho, as my title says….  the dogs are going to their forever home!  A wonderful couple is making the trek to Nebraska this weekend to meet the guys & take them home tomorrow.  While we’ve only had Bud since mid-July, it has felt like much longer due to all the issues he has had.  I will say that having Bud has been a huge learning experience for us despite all the tears of frustration and many many many sleepless nights.  

But first, I have to vent for a minute.  WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO AWFUL TO DOGS?  We are about 99% sure that Bud was the stud for a puppy mill.  The three females that were surrendered with him & transported to Omaha the night we got him looked like they had puppies constantly.  We have since learned that two of those females now have cancer and the third female unexpectedly passed away last week from a pulmonary embolism…  WTF.  After hearing about all that, I took Bud to the vet to get an x ray because has been limping & topical treatments for his paw hadn’t seemed to help.  Thankfully the x ray showed that he only has arthritis in his leg and nothing more serious.  But still.  He’s only three years old & has a lot of life left!  While the medical issues are upsetting in itself, the other upsetting thing to me is how terrified Bud is of humans.  He will cower if you try to pet him which suggests that he was probably beaten by someone.  He runs away if you walk up to him to try to pet him.  He’s probably never lived in a house before and is still learning how to be an inside dog & living among people.  It’s SO sad & I so much want for him to be comfortable with humans but it’s just going to take long time.

Moving on…

We took in Apollo a few weeks ago to see how Bud would do with having another dog in the house.  For a good month, Bud would not sleep through the night.  He would sleep for maybe a few hours but would wake up anywhere from 1:30 to 4:30, have to use the restroom, and then be up the rest of the night where he would pace the entire house while crying or barking.  For some reason, he could not settle down once he woke up.  We have always been hesitant to bring in a second foster dog because of how much work Bud has been.  How much work would TWO dogs be now???  But as soon as I picked up Apollo and got him home, he ended up being a good match for Bud (and us).  He’s well trained, except when there is food involved, and is a “normal” dog.  

Having Apollo around has helped Bud out tremendously as he is FINALLY sleeping through the night.  They both sleep on separate beds on the floor in our bedroom and it makes me think that maybe Bud’s issues were from being lonely.  I’m sure he was around other dogs all the time previously so going to a home where he’s by himself was a huge shock.  They don’t play together or really interact with one another a whole lot but I think just having another dog around has helped Bud calm down.  

Gah, that face just kills me.  He’s so adorable yet so petrified of life!  🙁  

When I was notified last Friday that a family was interested in adopting both Bud and Apollo together, I was so surprised!  After these last few weeks with Apollo, the rescue decided that they will not allow anyone to adopt him who doesn’t already have a dog.  This couple doesn’t have any other dogs and were willing to take both of them in after hearing about Bud & how the two have been getting along.  We’ve talked a lot over the last week and they are on their way up here!  Despite how difficult these last two months have been, I’m sad to see them go but happy that they are going to be together.  🙂  I’m hoping that the family keeps in touch and lets us know how Bud is doing.  I am interested to see how he progresses & learns how to be a dog over time!  

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