Friday + Life Lately– Wedding Road Trip, Workouts, and New Stuff!

Happy happy Friday!

Yes, I am still alive.  🙂  No worries!  Life just hasn’t been too exciting around these parts plus I’ve just been lacking the motivation to do anything blogging related these days.  My site hosting expires next month so I need to make a decision as to whether or not I want to renew it or just let it lapse.  I had much higher hopes & goals for this blog when I started it last year and I feel like I’ve kind of failed myself.  I guess we will see what the next month brings!  

One.  We spent last weekend in Brookings, South Dakota to celebrate my stepbrother’s wedding!  We drove up on Friday afternoon to see their rehearsal & also go to the dinner afterward.  My stepdad, stepsister, and her family all made the trip as well so it was fun to hang out with them that evening.  The wedding was Saturday afternoon and I don’t think they could have had a more perfect day for it!  

Since we had a long weekend thanks to Monday being a holiday, we spent some time with my grandparents who also live in South Dakota.  It was about a three hour trip from Brookings but I hadn’t seen them in far too long.  🙁  We also made a quick stop to see my great grandma who is in a nursing home so it was really good to see her again.  I’m hoping to get up there again next month as my aunt & uncle will also be in town. 

Two.   I’m still working out with the same ladies on Tuesday/Thursday evenings which has been awesome (although I would much rather have our regular class- I’m crossing my fingers that they bring it back in January).  We create our own workouts based on ones we’ve done in classes or tweaked some Pinterest ones.  I’m so sore all the time!  

Three.   I ordered a filtered shower head this week & I cannot wait to try it out.  Has anyone ever tried one before?  My hair is absolutely awful thanks to years of hard water & I can’t even stand it anymore.  I’ve tried so many products, used coconut oil hair masks, tried not washing my hair, etc. and nothing works.  It’s so coarse & dry that it feels like it could break the moment I touch it.  We had an estimate for a whole home water softener back in August so I’m hoping this filter can hold me over until we pull the trigger on the entire system.

Four.   Speaking of hair, I also ordered the Bedhead Wave Artist the other night on a whim.  I was looking at some curling wands when I saw this & saw that it had some decent reviews.  I just have a normal curling iron right now & I’m losing patience with it.  I’m hoping this thing can help curl my hair a little better.  (No, I didn’t curl my hair in the wedding pictures… I went to a salon & paid someone else to do it!)

Five.   I am planning on painting our guest bedroom soon & need to find a color!  Right now it’s a light gray similar to our living room which I don’t mind.  I was thinking about doing another gray or maybe a blue-ish color.  I like a lot of these colors but I think I want to do something light.

I bought some new curtains for this room which are kind of a gray/beige (greige?) color so I think some of the blue-ish colors would match.  Since the guest room is “my room” (a.k.a. where I keep all of my clothes & get ready in the mornings), I’m getting so tired of looking at the holes & scuffs all over the walls in here!  

We have a pretty low-key weekend planned which I’m looking forward to.  I recently found out about a boot camp AND kickboxing gym in Council Bluffs so I might do a drop-in class tonight after work.  If it doesn’t rain all day Saturday, I might just end up painting the guest room.  Or maybe I’ll just go figure out what colors to paint it for a day when it’s NOT raining.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I let my paid domain lapse and went with blogger because free and then I wouldn’t feel guilty when I didn’t blog!
    I like the Tranquility swatch colour.


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