Getting back on track.

All of the traveling, parties, and overall crap eating has really taken a toll on how I’ve been feeling lately.  Actually, a lot of how I’ve been feeling lately started over the summer when we were having all the issues with our foster dog.  Now I know that sounds kind of silly because it’s a dog but I’m dead serious.  And maybe it’s partly my fault for getting all stressed out over it.  However, sleep deprivation is the worst feeling in the world and a recipe for disaster.  Lack of sleep every. single. night for nearly SIX WEEKS meant surviving on caffeine throughout the day, poor food choices because you’re too tired to cook an actual meal, and then drinking too much on the weekends because it made you forget about how awful you felt during the week.  And now we’re getting right into the holiday season which will just add to feeling like garbage if I don’t start making a change now.  I’m the type of person that can’t go head first into something because I will burn out and give up.  


First things first:  Caffeine.  The amount of coffee that I drink every morning is slightly ridiculous.  If I’m feeling extra tired, I’ll have one of those energy drink mixes in the afternoon.  And then all that caffeine throughout the day makes it hard to sleep at night.  Honestly, I feel like all of it is doing more damage than good as I’m left feeling foggy throughout the day and find myself feeling like I NEED it.  I am near the end of my regular coffee so I picked up the “1/2 Caff” at the grocery store this weekend as I am not one of those people who can go cold turkey.  I like coffee so I don’t plan to give it up all together but possibly switch to decaf.  I’ve cut out caffeine before so I’m sure I can do it again!  I stocked up on ibuprofen just in case though.  🙂  

All of the crap food has definitely left me feeling pretty fluffy.  Now that we don’t have any trips or parties planned, it should be easier to get back into a normal routine with eating.  Hopefully.  Food is especially where I burn out super quick so just getting back into a routine is my only goal for now.

Over the last few months, I’ve been breaking out hardcore all along my jawline & chin.  On my chin are little tiny pimples/blackheads that never seem to disappear while my jawline is more of the cyst-like acne.  UGH.  I wash my face every night, have used face masks/peels, acne creams, etc. but nothing has worked.  I have the Mirena so I can’t blame it on my period.  I believe it’s stress & diet related but figuring out which part of my diet is tough.  I read that it could be related to dairy intake so I may need to work on cutting that out again at some point.  For cystic acne, I read that a keto diet might be helpful but that is a whole different beast that I am not ready to conquer yet.  As for the rest of my skin, it’s still super dry even after using the new filtered shower head the past month (but it’s helped my hair out tremendously!).  I just ordered some collagen powder after Kathy raved about it on her blog.  I’m crossing my fingers that it helps a little, especially now that we’re getting into the colder months.  

Anywho, thanks for letting me ramble on here today.  This has been heavy on my mind lately because I’ve been feeling so off for far too long.  


  1. girl, i feel you about the whole skin thing; when you can’t seem to figure it out, it’s frustrating and annoying!

    here are my suggestions:
    – you’re right in that diet plays a key role in the condition of your skin; cut out the bad stuff (refined sugar, processed stuff, those energy drinks etc), reduce dairy and grain consumption (breads, pastas etc) and eat lean proteins and lots of leafy green veggies. drink TONS of water. eat avocados, nuts, fish..things that are high in omega fatty acids. OR take borage oil (what I do).
    – sleep is so important for our skin; it’s the only time when cellular turnover does its thing so the less sleep you get, the worse it is for your skin.
    – sleep with a humidifier running
    – look into different products that address your skin issues. Not sure what is your skin type but you sound combination to me…rosehip oil is great for combo skin. don’t be afraid to use skin oils but make sure you test them first. Many folks with combo skin who have cystic acne have great success in reduction of breakouts and clogged pores when using the right oil…it’s finding the right oil that is the challenge….one that doesn’t clog yet nourishes the skin.
    kathy @ more coffee, less talky recently posted…Skin SOS { 1 }: Blood deficiencies and blood nourishing foodsMy Profile

  2. Jessie @ Just Jessie
    November 8, 2017

    I’d love to hear about the collagen stuff – I’ve been hearing about that stuff so much and I have no idea what it does lol. I’m in the same boat as you – fluffy wise. If you’d like an accountability partner, let’s text!

    Also, my Mirena actually brought OUT my acne when I got my first one 5 years ago. Because it regulates your hormones (and my acne is hormone related – most acne around the jaw, lower cheeks are hormonal) it actually messed mine up. That’s when I started taking Spironalactone which totally changed my life. Seriously, I took Accutane in my early 20s and this stuff helped SO much. Totally worth it IMO if the diet stuff doesn’t work!
    Jessie @ Just Jessie recently posted…Cora’s Day in the LifeMy Profile

  3. Danielle
    November 14, 2017

    I totally feel you. I was stressed about work, so I was drinking wine nightly and felt so bloated all the time. I have stopped and only have it on the weekend and I already feel better. Just need to be cautious with the holidays coming up.


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